Garfield hates Mondays guys

Me, I’m not so crazy about them, either, but that’s my own fault for committing to the Retro Roundup project. So even when I take a Monday off, like today, I’m still downloading and testing games at 9 a.m. and hammering out a write-up. Awesome! But enough complaining — have at you.

This week’s DVD column is up, and boy are my arms tired it is as entertaining as usual. Please also do not miss the game releases for the week, and last week’s write-ups of Ninja Gaiden and Blazing Lazers. The Ninja Gaiden piece is particularly excellent. And timely! Because the sequel just hit Virtual Console, you see. So, read. It is what I’m paying you for, here.

11 thoughts on “Garfield hates Mondays guys

  1. Parish, FYI: Dune II came out in 1992 (spent my entire Christmas holidays playing it – it was the game that kicked Civ off the PC), predating Metal Marines by a bit.

  2. If you can’t see images, you are viewing though Images will be broken for another few weeks. Use until then.

    Dune II predates Metal Marines, yes, but like I said, it was the combination of Dune II and C&C that codified the genre.

  3. Dune II was not as popular as C&C either. That’s just a fact that I reemember from back in the day. Command and Conquer had huge marketing and reviews and articles about it could be seen everywhere in almost every magazine and was played by more people and was much more influential than Dune II, but maybe not more than Doom II, haha. Anyway, I think Caesar II was also a landmark in strategy gaming that many people just don’t care to recognize.

  4. “and was much more influential than Dune II”

    I wouldn’t say that, as WarCraft’s a direct lift of Dune II’s mechanics, and its descendents are pretty much all that’s left of the RTS genre these days.

  5. Whatever. The point is, nobody ever really cared about Dune II before the whole desperate search for abandonware and something cool and free to play. The fact is that back in the day more people played C&C and, yes, even Warcraft is much more popular than Dune II.

  6. Parish: conceded. My bad on the misinterpretation.

    Dune II was basically Command and Conquer Zero. It’s the mother sauce from which all RTS games spring (although I’ll agree that it does seem closer to Warcraft despite Westwood developing C&C). Sure, it was less popular than C&C when C&C came out… largely because C&C came out *three years later.*

    (And those were three *big* years in PC gaming, during which Dune II was pretty much unchallenged. Not too shabby.)

  7. Yeah, sorry, I don’t usually check wikipedia for old games trivia. Still, nobody liked RTS games when there was just little unpopular Dune II to play. C&C made RTS cool.

  8. You guys should really stop with the SotN quotes. Find something else like Captain America and the Avengers. That game has lines that are more obnoxious and engrishy than SotN. Plus they’re topical because Cap is back and shoots people now.

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