Interplanetary intergalactic

Man, today pretty much evaporated, marking the first day of a week-long string of evaporating days. Today (and tomorrow, I guess) see a big Nintendo media event — well, “big” if you don’t compare it to everything that went down in Japan earlier this week — while I’ll be in Seattle Tuesday and Wednesday for a demo that will sublimate magically into a big EGM preview, then headed to LA (and right back) Thursday to interview a couple of developers at E For All. And while I’m not at events I will be entertaining more guests, who seem to have developed an uncanny ability to schedule their trips for my busiest weeks.

And here I thought my life would suddenly be calm and manageable once we were done with our Halo 3 coverage. Ah ha ha.

In the meantime, here is an article about Ninja Gaiden. The old one!

17 thoughts on “Interplanetary intergalactic

  1. If by “much hotter” you mean “resembled an actual human rather than an inflatable robot hooker,” then yes, you’re correct.

  2. I need to give you tips on someplace nice to eat in LA. One of the best Carne Asada places in town is one third of a mile from the convention center, but last time I heard you’re not hot on beef. Maybe some Korean or an izakaya.

  3. That would be great, but here is my plan for Thursday of next week: Wake up, go to airport, fly to LA, cab it to convention center, conduct two interviews, cab it back to airport, fly home. It is… inexplicable.

  4. Wow. What an awesome review, cleverly couched in an interesting topic. All the talk of football players in Jason masks certainly doesn’t make me want to go download it though. I think I’ll have nightmares anyway. Nice touch with the picture here parish.

  5. I’d like a 3D remake of the original Ninja Gaiden trilogy, same story and all, as opposed to that horrible generic spiritless thing for XBOX. Too bad everyone who made good games at Tecmo left a long time ago.

  6. The story wasn’t that good, but I like the new Ninja Gaiden. Bringing back Funky Dynamite would be cool. Inflatable Robot Hooker is a good line. Rachel looks kind of like Heather Graham, but with scarier eyes.

  7. Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the review/discussion.

    Also wanted to say that the “epilogue” is spat upon by the promo pic choice. Maybe that is intentional, in which case I no longer have the ability to interpret internet sarcasm/irony or intent of any kind. This is highly probable.

  8. Yeah. New Ninja Gaiden isn’t bad. Has good challenge and good fun. It just suffers from Itagaki’s taste on art direction.

  9. Whether it’s intentional or not, the castle reference only tops off an exceedingly fun and accurate article about how it feels to play Ninja Gaiden. Praise be, Mr. LumberBaron.

  10. Yeah, what up with Parish’s whack link image getting all up in my article’s grill?

    So to speak.

  11. Was today’s entry title in reference to that Beastie Boys song, Intergalactic?? If so, good show old bean!!

  12. I remember the beastie boys as the band that only junkies who have died or live on the street liked. I mean, every person from my generation that I know who likes that band has ended up in some rehab center or dead.

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