Video killed the radio star, then ate his brains

This week’s video release column includes an unsettling amount of horror movies. Seriously, click through and look at all of them, milling around at the bottom of the page. Just like the zombies they feature. These videos want to devour your braaaaaainnns.

Also, in case you somehow missed it, Nintendo actually grew a spine and used Virtual Console for its intended purpose today, i.e. bringing us games that had never before been released in the U.S. Yes, I know, The Lost Levels showed up on the Super NES, but we’ve never had the original 8-bit version before. (Sure, there was also the unlockable bonus version in Super Mario Bros. DX, but that port was so cropped to fit the Game Boy Color’s screen that it was practically unplayable. This is the real thing — no compromises.)

Needless to say, the ability to play Sin & Punishment legitimately on an American console is so rad that I’ve made it this week’s Fun Club alternate selection. I also bothered to put together a new Retro Roundup in order to state the obvious, which is to say that you absolutely need to download these if you want Nintendo to realize that playing classic Japanese imports is the only reason we own Wiis.

(Apropos of nothing, I am inordinately proud of the header image on the Retro Roundup.)

8 thoughts on “Video killed the radio star, then ate his brains

  1. I’m glad to see more of Retro Roundup. However, you’ve got the Super Metroid episode dated a week too early.

  2. I don’t put together the hub page, but I’ve already notified the parties responsible that they will fix it. Or die!

  3. That RR banner is pretty awesome.

    You reminded me of a comedic fantasy series I enjoy a lot, called “Sir Apropos of Nothing”.

  4. I always love the headers of Retro Roundup. They all look like they’d take a long time to make whether they do or not.

    And, Rey, I think it said “We’ll fill in the gaps soon.” The only reason I remember is because I read it as “Wii’ll fill…” Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

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