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This week’s anime release list is up, courtesy of Mightyblue. This week is of particular interest because it sees the first volume of Welcome to the N.H.K. Vol. 1, which I will be picking up despite its indescribably horrible (and completely unrepresentative of the contents) cover. Man, between this and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, it’s almost as though I like anime. Consider these the exceptions to the rule.

Funny story time — will soon be a working domain again, rather than simply a redirect. People have wondered why I abanoned the URL by which most people know this site, and my standard answer — because I’m sick of people referring to me as “toastyfrog,” or “tfrog,” or “the frog,” or whatever — was actually only partly true. I mean, yes, I do think of you as a slack-jawed moron who wallows in human excrement as a hobby if you call me by the name of my site, but the real truth is that I switched webhosts a while back and couldn’t update the nameserver info for to correspond to the new location. My domain registration login info vanished, and the Yahoo! email address with which I had last updated the domain back in 2001 had expired, leaving me no way to update nameservers. (Yes, there are other recourses, but none of them would work for me, either. It’s hilarious, in a very stupid way.) Yesterday the domain actually expired, which prompted me to make one final attempt to try to access the old email address. Turns out it had finally been inactive for so long that I was able to re-register it… meaning that at any point, anyone could have come along and hijacked the domain name simply by registering the address before I could. I guess you guys missed your chance.

Anyway, it may be a few days or a few months, but this means you can set your bookmarks back to again, although I will still think of the site as GameSpite. Just don’t call me toastyfrog (or t-frog, or etc.)… unless, of course, you actually are a sub-retard who eats his own filth and don’t care who knows it.

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  1. I was hoping that this announcement was going to be about how you had finally created 52 weeks’ worth of updates for your toasty-SaGa and were prepared to try and go for a weekly update schedule for at least a year. The world is not the same without your attempts at cartoonistry continuing in its God-ordained on-and-off pattern. It is your lot in life to make webcomics and commentary of a quality that you will be dissatisfied with, much like it’s my lot in life to quibble, annoy, and generally be a douche at any and all opportunities which arise.

    Accept your destiny Toasty-F!

    Incidentally, are there any perversions of your name which you do enjoy being called?

  2. I seem to recall Shane B calling you the “tfrog” on past 1up podcasts. I remember being slack-jawed at how stupid it made HIM sound, not you. Hope the trend dies off, Jeremy :)

  3. Dammit! My dream of turning into a hardcore pornography site, gone forever! CURSE YOU, PARISH!

  4. Can I call you 8.5?
    Jermy Popo?
    Servbot #35?
    Grenouille Ardente?
    All Shall Parish Who Dare Enter?

  5. The NHK art is terrible isn’t it? I’ll really feel ashamed buying that — or perhaps I’ll utilize a custom NHK artwork I just happened to have already designed. Folks should at least take a listen to the show’s wonderful opening theme. It’s like 21st century Jobim, breezy and sunshine… totally opposite of the show itself!


  6. Is it appropriate to bring up Bill Saluga? You know, the you can call me ray, you can call me jay, blah blah but you don’t gotta call me johnson, dude?

    OK. Me neither. But it sounds similar.

    Did any of you actually see Tekkonkinkreet? Pretty wild movie. Though, it didn’t have the satisfying ending that so many other titles in the anime genre don’t have either. Pretty movie, though. Plus, if you see it on blu-ray, you can impress your friends with its translucent disc. OK. We don’t have real friends, just people here. Marvel at its opacity.. Marvel.

  7. Lessee, my name is Jeremy Parish, so “Parish” works. Or Jeremy, if you actually know me in real life. Seems pretty straightforward.

    I picked up the manga and Blu-ray of Tekkonkinreet yesterday with a gift certificate I’ve had sitting around. Hopefully they were worth what I paid. (Nothing.)

  8. Wow, you took a recommendation of mine seriously? jk, but I’m glad that people are getting a use out of my columns.

  9. Will you actually be bringing the frog back at any point? I miss his wacky adventures and diatribes that weren’t really you using him as a mouthpiece even though sometimes he seemed to express your opinions or whatever. That and you tended to start long narratives with him only to cease after a few pages and damnit I want to know why he was clutching that rock in the river.

  10. I enjoyed TK. My girlfriend even watched it without calling me names or laughing that a grown man was watching cartoons. She was intrigued, I guess.

  11. I’m glad I could find out what Tekkonkinreet was actually called. It (along with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) were everywhere when I was in Japan this summer, but I could never figure out what its name was. You’re a really useful engine Mightyblue!

  12. I used to think of you as “toastyfrog” back during the Toastyfrog Jump! days. But what did I know? I was a silly highschooler.

  13. I’ve been mentally calling you “G. Spite” the last couple of months anyway. Sounds cooler.

  14. Did you guys know G.Spite and C.Mate were originally transsexuals in the Japanese version of Final Fight? No, really!

  15. I called my Mii “Dr. Toasty” and only because I have a Ph.D in Toastology. That was a year ago. He has long since been renamed “Dr. Spite,” because I also have a degree in Spitology.

  16. @ScarletEmerald: When I saw the picture load up, I definitely thought it was a review for Majora’s Mask.

    @parish: I remember someone yelling, “T-Frog in the house!” at the start of one of the Retronauts podcasts. I figure people would think of it as your gamertag. Also, you are absolutely right about the NHK cover art. If I had seen that cover initially, I would never have gotten within fifty feet of the series.

    @mightyblue: The collapse of Geneon is news to me. They have distributed a number of great anime series and it is sad to hear that they are closing their doors. Do you know if anything prompted their departure beyond poor sales?

  17. –OwnerZeff

    As far as I know, most of the problems are across the pond with Dentsu, Geneon’s parent company, as Parish has already indicated, and the collapse of its proposed sales deal with ADV. This link has a few details:

    It surprised me as well, but what can you do? Probably either ADV or Funi will pick up the dropped series (at least the more popular ones), but that’s a guess, not a certainty.

  18. I’ve seen that website. I couldn’t find a single reason why it was called toastyfrog. But I gave up looking rather quickly.

  19. Yeah, has been around for ages. Given that the woman who runs it is quite a bit older than the readership of this site and apparently works with geriatric health, I’m pretty sure it’s a bizarre coincidence.

  20. I call you Mr. Parish out of respect, politeness and an age difference. I go with “Parish” whenever I try to look hip with the kids, but it mostly falls flat.

  21. Actually I’m not too happy when people use “Mr.” either, to be honest. People being deferential to me is just weird.

  22. When I read “Dr. Spite” I thought you said “Sprite”. Somehow, a tiny, plastic version of you with a giant afro made me a little nervous. Cat’s Eye nervous. I just can’t see you shouting at Lebron James for that last sprite… throwing up a fist and your pointer finger, laying down the law.

  23. I believe I tended to use Jeremy “Toastyfrog” Parish, the best of both worlds. I really wanted to use “frogger” (and occasionally “the toastyfrog”) in my heart of hearts. I think most of us assume it is an alias whether you ever used it as anything more than the site name or not. Can’t think why you wouldn’t want to be called that: it’s cute!

    “Some day you feed on a tree frog…”

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