Perfect timing

I’ve always had an inexplicable knack for being able to fit my endeavors into a limited amount of time. Back in school, I’d always procrastinate getting around to my homework until the last moment, yet always managed to complete my assignments right at the last possible moment without cutting corners. It’s good to know I haven’t quite lost that knack yet; yesterday (or is that “this morning”? I always get confused with these 35-hour days coming back from Tokyo) I managed to put the wraps on my 26th and final TGS write-up as the flight crew was making a final call for boarding. Standing there holding my laptop in one hand as I drifted toward the gate and frantically waited for our content management system to register the upload somehow seems a fitting conclusion to the trip… even if the preview in question was for Halo 3, which is a fine game (I can now say with authority) but frankly isn’t the sort of thing I go all the way to TGS for.

Please consider my Game Center CX preview as a sort of karmic balance.

For my last-minute posting efforts, though, I ended up being pulled aside by airport security for a bag check. I wish American security were as mellow as Japan’s — the lady barely glanced through my overstuffed bag and even let me off the hook on the shoe check when she saw that my shoes laced more than halfway up my lower leg. Her horrified gasp of “Ahh! Never mind!” at the sight of my laces was in itself worth the trip.

The Game Center CX game, by the way, is total love. I went back to the Bandai Namco booth after my write-up to check out some of the other faux retro titles on display at the other kiosks; Cosmic Gate was a great Galaga alike, but no more impressive than the Dragon Quest-alike (Guardia Quest), the Star Soldier clone (Space Prince), the Jajamaru-kun knock-off (Haguruman), the imitation R.C. Pro-Am…. And so forth. It’s basically a giant, wonderful pastiche of the NES/Famicom era, complete with “scans” of imaginary period game magazines. The game based on the show so good it inspired its own cosplay!

It was not, however, game of the show. That was… wait for it — Bumpy Trot 2.

No, seriously. More on that next time, I guess. (Oh, and I guess MGS4 was pretty good, too.)

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  1. If you scroll down the page you will find an image of said shoes. And I think Bumpy Trot 2 and MGS4 will fully justify owning a PS3.

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