So, uh

It looks like my plan to blog a lot and post content while in Tokyo hasn’t really panned out. I know everything thinks TGS is like a crazy awesome vacation, but that’s really only true of the first day here (which we enjoy casually as a means to adjust to the time difference, thus allowing us to function at the actual event we’re here to cover). Once the show begins, we pretty much spend every waking moment either standing in line for an hour to play three minutes of a game, interviewing people or writing about those interviews and three-minute gameplay experiences. By my count, I’ve penned 25 previews in the past few days, many of which were based on 90 second of video roll. My ability to b.s. based on practically nothing has been expended for a while.

I’ll be back home soon, at which point I jump immediately onto a Halo 3 review for as long as I can manage before falling asleep in front of the TV. Once I’m back on American time and have my reviews out of the way, though, it’ll be business as usual.

In the meantime, I’ve just uploaded about 150 photos from the show floor and yesterday’s brief excursion back into Tokyo proper (such as it is) to my Flickr stream. (You can add me to your buddy list there, but I’m actually only using Flickr until OS X 10.5 arrives next month and I can use iPhoto to seamlessly upload stuff to .Mac.) Start at page nine and move backward toward page one to get a roughly chronological sense of my past few days. Of course, none of these images have any sort of context; I will be providing that in upcoming blogs. Consider this a raw preview. Or hold off and avoid spoilers! Erm.

And remember:

Always blame Calorie Mate.

8 thoughts on “So, uh

  1. You’ve just got to get all rested up so you can join the rest of us in Halo 3 online glee (kind of rhymes a little). Cuz you know, I’m totally sure we’ll all get burnt out on that after a few days.

  2. Those DS DQ previews may have been content-less, but they assure me that the games exist and that I will one day have them.

    ‘Til then I must wait impatiently!

  3. Whats up with all the photos in angle man, that aign’t hip, urban, meta, guerrilla or anything cool. Unless you were drunk the whole time so that be kinda gangsta I guess.

    Your next step is probably to star using overexposed/over-saturated photoshop filters on them.

  4. I’m supremely jealous of the (flickr) okonomiyaki feast right now, disasters notwithstanding. I love that stuff.

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