Echoes with the sound of salesmen

The weekly game release column arrives once again in the nick of time to prevent you from spending your money on Math Fun. No sense in pretending. I know you were tempted.

Also of note: Due to the ludicrous amount of arterial spray in the leaked screens from Ninja Gaiden 2….

…the series will henceforth be known as “Ninja Geyser.”

15 thoughts on “Echoes with the sound of salesmen

  1. The link in the game release article goes back to last week’s thread. Which died, well, last week!

  2. Man, Parish, I’m starting to think that you’re much more of a Rush fan than your old comprehensive article on all of their recordings led me to believe.

    Hmm, now that I read that sentence again…

  3. Yeah, they haven’t come near the awesome games that the [PS2 or system of your choice] had during its first year!

  4. Am I the only one that’s getting a shredder vibe from these screens?

    I’m thinking a new title is in order. Ninja Gaiden 2: Return of the Shredder.

  5. Why is that chick in the banner above making that suggestive face, and why are her cheeks like that? Are there invisible characters in heavenly sword?

  6. It’s not suggestive. Based on the official art for Heavenly Sword, I have determined that the main character suffers from a massive underbite.

  7. Hey John, why don’t you go watch some Trigun or Kenshin if you want non-leathal heros? I’ll take Crying Freeman, Golgo 13, or Riki-Oh any day.

  8. I’m just saying, instead of feet blades, why not tasers or the vomit sticks from Minority Report?

    (cribbing pwot)

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