The words of the profits are written on the studio walls

This week’s DVD release column is now online after a very slight delay due to some email problems. But I’m sure we can all agree it was so totally worth the wait, yes? My person highlight this week? Dead or Alive. And by “personal highlight” I mean “title that most makes me want to stab my own eyes in despair.”

But dire as this week’s videos may be, I think we can all agree that the latest batch of Fun Club selections offers a little something for everyone. We bid farewell to Metroid Prime 3, which seems to have run its course a few days ago, and move along to the so-called “Halostravaganza.” This involves two campaign mode threads, one dedicated to Halo: Combat Evolved and one to Halo 2. It should not be mistaken for the “Halotonydanza,” although we do have a multiplayer discussion thread in case you feel the need to show your online peers who’s the boss. For those who detest shooters, or Halo specifically, you can instead chime in at the Lolo alternate discussion thread. It should be noted that while “Lolo” is spelled very similarly to “Halo,” it is in fact a very different game.

Now. Talk amongst yourselves.

11 thoughts on “The words of the profits are written on the studio walls

  1. Is it coincidence that mere minutes after I disparage the invisibility of Rush fans, a new post appears with a title paraphrasing Spirit of The Radio?

  2. It seems that both dvd releases that I am purchasing this week were not included on the list: Avatar season 2, and The Film Crew: Wild Women of Wongo.

  3. But “Halotonydanza” is so good at awkward segues! “Thoughts and prayers to the families of the mine workers in Utah. Speaking of digging, my dog at his shit this morning.” Ahh, as Joel McHale calls them: Danzitions.

    Sorry, I miss his show.

  4. I think Rush must be referring back to Simon and Garfunkel too: “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls” from Sounds of Silence.

    Silly Kirin and I listen to too much old guitar music.

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