It’s like a mini-Retro Roundup, except not

My schedule doesn’t seem to be particularly compatible with writing Retro Roundups lately, but no matter! Our good friend M. Nicolai has taken a moment to write up the biggest title of this week’s releases.

No, not Landstalker. Uh, not Bonk 3, either. Or Adventure Island.

Right, I’m talking about Donkey Kong Jr. Math.

Yeaaaaaah. If you read only one review this year, make it this one. Then you can spend the rest of the year wondering, “Why would I ever even consider buying Donkey Kong Jr. Math?” It is a question that will haunt you for years!

10 thoughts on “It’s like a mini-Retro Roundup, except not

  1. My favorite game ever is Donkey Kong Jr. The Atari 7800 in particular because it’s the version I actually owned back in eighty something along with Pole Position II and a huge load of Atari 2600 games (of which Frankenstein’s Monster and Ghost Busters were my favorite). Awesome memories from back when video games were actually interesting. I also miss REAL arcades, it feels so cheap playing on MAME with infinite coins now. As someone said on this website once, hard is good, or something.

  2. I remember I used to play DK Jr. Math for weeks with my friends. We played the game in Animal Crossing, for before that I had no idea it even existed. I LOVE that crap game.

    Ps. I studied Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Sciences) and my friends were both Phycicists.

  3. Man, I can’t make my own decisions on Virtual Console if I don’t have a graphical thumb telling me what to do.

  4. Years ago, we used to play Donkey Kong Jr. Math on an NES emulator for a modded Playstation in our dorm. Two-player games got pretty competitive, and would always attract large audiences curious about the WHITE KNUCKLE MATHS ACTION. It held a special place in our heart, like a retarded younger sibling might — the whole dorm would jump to defend it whenever an outsider would try to say how dumb it was.

    But to your credit, Jeremy, it really was pretty dumb.

  5. So DK Jr. Math isn’t even good for babies? Because maybe my baby would like to learn math with DK Jr.!

  6. I remember playing Donkey Kong Jr. as part of Donkey Kong Classics on the NES. Even at the tender age of eight, I could tell how clunky the controls were. Thank goodness you don’t need to jump in this game.

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