Postcards from the nerds

Gamespite may play host to the Internet’s smallest and least influential interactive community — no slight to everyone, of course, simply an acknowledgement of the fact that we have not, as yet, changed the world in any way — but it is a community nonetheless. And as such, it generates content. Content worth reading, as it happens.

This week’s release list features are available for you to puruse now, at which point you will probably decide you can’t be bothered with the actual releases covered. The latest batch of game releases is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and the week’s new DVDs are looking equally grim. It’s a pretty awful week. (The way the nightly news is painting an increasingly grim picture of a world hurtling toward self-destruction, you’d think everyone would step it up to squeeze our money from us before the economy collapses and turns America into a land of destitute sharecroppers, but no.)

Meanwhile, over in the land of Fun Club, where everything is fun and club-like, today sees the debut of two new selections. First is the monthly RPG, which contrary to popular demand is Chrono Trigger. Actually, there was no popular demand, or at least not a concensus thereof. So I decided to play it safe with something universally regarded as awesome (except among horrible monsters who have lost the ability to feel love). And the week’s alternate selection is Super Mario World, chosen for its wide-open game map and incredibly flexible level structure. I’m hoping a few people choose to tear through the shortest route while others go for the thorough approach and transform all the bad guys into pumpkins and fake Marios.

So please do take part in our tiny community. It is insignificant, but we are full of brotherly love. Or at least a high level of fixation on touchstones of nerd culture.

6 thoughts on “Postcards from the nerds

  1. This is a postcard from a nerd: WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL TOASTYFROG.COM?

    Best regards from sunny Spain, El Nerdo

  2. Hey! I’m a horrible monster who’s lost the ability to love, but I still think Chrono Trigger rules. Stop discriminating against the heartless.

  3. Sometimes when I’m alone….. I like to eat babies.

    wait this isn’t the address to post secret.

    wait this isn’t anonymous……. um, I meant I like to eat babies food. yeah food.

  4. Ha, TE-Ryan I was just about to say almost that exact thing. I’m glad to see that horrible monsters are well represented here!

    Chrono Trigger rules hard, there is no doubt.

  5. Hey, Jeremy, have you had the chance to see/pick up an import copy of FF:CC Ring of Fates for the DS at all? I just saw it in a store yesterday (I live in Japan) and couldn’t stop looking at the game preview running on a nearby moniter. Looks good, but I’m wondering your take on it.

    btw, Chrono Trigger, best RPG of all time.

  6. Man, I remember calling the Software Etc every day, seeing if Chrono Trigger was out yet. We have it easy, complaining about how some games cost $60 in 2007 money, when I paid $84.99 in 1995 money. Of couse if I would have waited 10 days I could’ve gotten it at the new to the area Best Buy for $60. How is it that I seem to have less money for games when they are now cheaper, and I no longer earn my money cutting lawns?

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