Hey nerds!

This week’s game release list squeaks in just under the wire, with mere minutes remaining before being made irrelevant. The big news is Metroid Prime 3, you see, and it’s on sale now. And soon you east-coasters will be getting home from work and playing the game. In which case, I guess the release list is irrelevant anyway, since you’ve already made your buying decision. So never freaking mind, then.

Nah, you should check out the list anyway. In the midst of some very high-profile releases, you will also find some shockingly (and deservedly) low-profile games. Come join us as we stand in a circle around them and throw rocks and spit. Bullying the weak and stupid is awesome.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

11 thoughts on “Hey nerds!

  1. Aww come on, Crazy Frog Arcade Racer doesn’t look that bad. (Also the penis shot at 2:31 is much better than the one at 0:38)

  2. Under Wild Arms 5: “two decent RPGs, two crappy RPGs” – I hope that’s not going in chronological order. WA3 was my favorite in the series so far – my biggest problems being a small secondary cast (you fight the same three sets of bosses several times each) and an extraneous final chapter.

    WA4 was pretty bad overall, though. Still, I’m psyched for 5.

  3. “After two decent RPGs, two crappy RPGs, and one crappy remake, the Wild Arms series returns.”

    I hope that’s not meant to be in chronological order. My guess is that you mean the decent ones were the original 1 and 3 (I can confirm this decency), and the crappy are 2 (I can confirm this) and 4 (can’t say for sure, it sits on my shelf untouched). Correct?

    Oh, and I also bought Wild Arms Alter Code F only to discover, eventually, that the case lacked a little something disc-wise-speaking inside. Less’s the pity?

  4. I was at Toys R Us and asked the clerk for Metroid Prime 3. She started to oblige when I saw a few shelves higher what I really needed to spend my money on.

    I’m off to start the lively Carnival Games thread in TT! Come join the fun!

  5. I enjoyed Wild Arms 4 a whole lot. The battle system and platforming were great, even if the story was the whole of every anime from the eighties onward stirred and dumped. It was mysteriously charming.

  6. Oh pfft, all the WA games were good in one way or another. 4 was seriously lacking in the puzzle aspect that set the first two (and to a lesser extent, the third one) apart from other RPGs, but the battle system was incredibly fun and made it a good game in it’s own right.

    I’ve personally yet to touch 5 (waist-deep in Persona 3, as it were), but from what I’ve heard, it retains 4’s excellent battle system and features a plot more reminiscent of the 2nd game. That sounds like a winner to me.

  7. So, Playstation 3 huh? Wow, let the revolution begin. Or something. Yeah, this is the Sony generation. Rock on.

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