Reading is fundamental

This week’s Fun Club project has launched: BioShock. I guess we’ll be kicking off new Fun Club topics on Tuesdays from now on, since that seems to be when the games arrive. And with as many big games as are coming out this fall, the bulk of our endeavors over the next few months will be focused on their delights. So! Go talk about BioShock. Maybe I will be able to join in the fun… but probably not. Current review projects aside, I still gotta finish MGS3. Zut alors.

Two new reader-submitted articles for today:

First, bobservo tackles Brave Fencer Musashi, a charming little PlayStation game that only actually caught anyone’s attention because it came packed with the Final Fantasy VIII demo. I never managed to finish it, myself, but I guess that’s because I don’t have patience for games so sloppily programmed that you actually fall through the moving platforms you’re trying to jump on — regardless of how whimsically endearing they may be. But the memory of Scribe Shanky lives forever in my heart regardless.

And secondly, Talking Time regular Brandon takes a break from his usual modus operandi of plastering the forums with groan-inducing puns to take a fascinating look at Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. See, I told you it was going to come back to haunt me again today. My growing antagonism toward the game’s cruel spite aside, I strongly recommend you read this particular write-up, because it is… what’s the word? Oh yes. Hilarious.

Tomorrow: Man, I don’t even know. Maybe I’ll drop oblique hints about how much I’m enjoying the games I’m reviewing to see what I can get away with saying before crossing the “broken embargo” threshold.

15 thoughts on “Reading is fundamental

  1. Regarding your current reviews in progress, I think the fact that they include FFT: War of the Lions and freakin’ Dracula X Chronicles speaks volumes. Played the latter at Comic-con and it feels tight as ever even in remade form.

  2. Alright, alright, I made some image links. The full-sized headers were becoming an eyesore, so maybe smaller images with more delicate text will be an improvement.

  3. Not to bug you or anything, but any word on additional wiki writers? I realize you’ve been busy what with reviewing several monster sized games lately, but I was just curious.

  4. Nah, I’ll do them myself. They take about two minutes apiece, and they’ll be consistent that way.

    As for additional writers, that’s going to depend on when I have a few hours free. Maybe this weekend.

  5. I am freakishly impressed, bobservo–that article sounded SO close to Parish’s own writing style I had to repeatedly check the byline to convince myself it wasn’t him.

    Please do a Dewprism / Threads of Fate article.

  6. Oh no! My attempts at matching the voice of this site have turned into a creepy Single White Female scenario! I guess you can chalk this up to me having spent my formative teenage years reading the various incarnations of Toastyfrog.

  7. In before “I’m a bigger Jeremy Parish fan than you” arguing.

    Which p.s. I am.

  8. Two corrections:
    “Just like Kirby, Musashi can absorb the powers of enemies and use them for himself”
    Shouldn’t it be: “Just as Kirby does, Musashi absorbs the powers of enemies and uses them to help himself.”

    “Certain areas such AS Steamwood (…) can be hair-rippingly frustrating”

  9. Hey Jeremy,

    If you want like…tomorrow…we could have a rollicking good time with Tactics multiplayer and shed a tear for how much BioShock we’re not playing. Recreational gaming for me now means letting my friends play with my Wii @_@ But yeah, I’ll be at work for a demo tomorrow morning, actually, so if you have time and are inclined…

  10. I added the missing word. The other mistake you pointed out just seems to be a different choice of words that I don’t quite agree with.

  11. “I’m a bigger Jeremy Parish fan than you” arguing.

    That’s creepy and I’m gonna ban you if you don’t stop.

  12. Am I confused in remembering seeing working comment forms on your pmwiki pages before? Specifically, the main Metroidvania index. It seems like it would be a useful feature, anyway.

    Also, in reply to a comment earlier, I saw a forum post once saying Tribes 2 in 2001 had visible player feet.

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