Resenting the face of the dawn

I was so proud of myself for managing to finish off Phantom Hourglass over the weekend. Self, I thought, maybe you will now have time for some BioShock before tackling Metroid Prime: Corruption. Seems a reasonable ambition, too, given the two games’ very similar natures, and it would behoove me to be able to make comparisons in the event that they overlap significantly. But it was not to be: the spectre of Final Fantasy Tactics reared back and bit me in the tush. I think it resented my disparaging remarks over the course of the two most recent blog posts and plotted revenge, which is I have been saddled with a review copy of War of the Lions. “Saddled” is maybe the wrong word, since it’s not like an odious burden or anything, but still. Of all the lousy timing.

On the plus side, I have discovered that Ramza is actually Kiff Kroker Hermes Conrad. When he hangs out with Wakka, it’s like living one-third of a Futurama episode.

But while I must juggle reviews of Tactics and Dracula X and Metroid and smooth over our upcoming, life-devouring Halo 3 coverage, you are under no such obligations. Therefore, why not savor the fruits of my labor? And by “my labor” I mean the raw energy of talented video game fanatics which I have harnessed for your entertainment through no merit of my own.

First is the weekly game release list, which admittedly can be summed up in a single, InterCapped word: BioShock. But read it anyway, as you won’t want to miss our friendly contributors’ snarky comments regarding the week’s lesser games.

M.Nicolai adds a second entry to the site’s Virtual Console coverage with a look at Mario Bros. I reamed Mario Bros. way hard in my own wrap-up many months ago, so this moderately positive view should be proof that I am not the cruel tyrant you suspect, and that I am perfectly okay with letting others express their individual opinions. So just shut the hell up.

And finally, wumpwoast adds another chapter to his rapidly-growing Mega Man retrospective series with a look at the cruelly-designed Mega Man III. I’m frankly confused as to whether or not he actually enjoys these games, since he seems to damn them and adore them all at once. But that’s part of his charm, I guess. He’s all mysterious and stuff.

Tomorrow: Final Fantasy Tactics will bite me in the tush once again.

14 thoughts on “Resenting the face of the dawn

  1. Are you saying that Ramza is voiced by Maurice LaMarche? As unlikely as it sounds, that would be awesome.

  2. I would probably buy a PSP just for that. I’m still sort of ambivalent, in that hey, it’s FFT with a plot that makes sense, but then it’s a lot of money for just one game. But if it’s Maurice LaMarche? Man, how can I hate on that.

  3. Phil LaMarr’s awesome. He was also “Bubblegum” Tate of the Harlem Globetrotters, not to mention the Green Lantern John Stewart in Justice League (Unlimited). Right now he’s Wilt in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Whew.

    And on top of all that I just saw him this weekend as the hapless captive who gets his face splattered by accidental gunshot while in transit in Pulp Fiction.

  4. Phil LaMarr? I’ve always thought he was awesome, but I’m a little nervous about this. He’s not exactly my first thought when I think of Ramza. On the other hand… it IS Phil LaMarr. He’s like a male Kari Walhgren.

  5. Yeah. Isn’t he a bit too much, uh, masculine for Ramza? “Older” would be another appropriate word.

  6. “Don’t you think this blatant character-whoring is a little tasteless?”
    “Man, I don’t even have an opinion.”

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