Induction ceremony

I’ve invited a few more people to contibute to the site, so if you had expressed interest at some point please do check your private messages over on the forums. If you don’t have an invite, don’t cry — I’m working my way down the list in pretty much the order in which people contacted me.

I would like to write something interesting and amusing in this blog space, but I cannot! I used up all my words writing about Halo 3 today. Yes, I’m writing more about Halo 3. It’s really rather obscene, I realize, but this is us yielding to the vox populi. I suspect I’ll be suckered into exhaustively previewing one of these all-consuming AAA blockbusters each year as long as I’m working at 1UP. Last year it was Zelda, this year Halo 3. On the whole, I’m definitely enjoying my Halo 3 work more. Does that surprise you? Oh, it has nothing to do with the quality of the games in question; they’re both very good. It’s just that neither Microsoft nor Bungie are churlishly protective of their properties and have actually given me information and content to work with. It’s very exciting to be treated like an actual human being. Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn’t really mastered that part of its public relations.

So, in lieu of blog content, please accept this humble offering of a VsRobot-penned weekly DVD release list. It is a sort of public service, you see. One that might well be appearing weekly! I’m sure there would be room for something similar in the gaming space, too, if only someone were interested in compiling it.

6 thoughts on “Induction ceremony

  1. I nominate M. Nicholai to do weekly games thing, because I’ve enjoyed his Weekly VC topics in the forums thus far.

    But hey, I’m mostly just passing the buck, or whatever that expression is, because I don’t think I can do it.

  2. I’d do a weekly game release list (or at least alternate with someone on it). The only reason I didn’t apply earlier is that I couldn’t think of anything to write about consistently that I’d be able to do in my free time, but this is a great idea to repurpose. Don’t want to cut in line, though, so if anyone else is interested have at it.

  3. I’ll make a DVD index once we have more than one page to index. First things first.

    Someone has expressed interest in compiling a game release list but I would like for wiki content to be as collaborative as possible. I’ll add you to The List — hit the forums and check out the writers’ area.

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