Fruits of labor

You want things to read? Fine. I’ll give you things to read. And I’ll even include pretty pictures to trick you into doing it.

For starters, my solicitation for site contributors has resulted in a few articles. It’s taken us a little time to work out the kinks, but already we have two really good game write-ups — created in a collaborative, community kind of way. It’s really quite heart-warming. I think I will be steadily inducting a few new writers at a time over the coming weeks. Certainly enough people expressed interest in contributing to the site; my main concern is easing them in a few at a time so I’m not overwhelmed by getting too many writers orientated at a time.

So, completed contributions. First is a tribute — a paean, if you will — to Guitar Hero. It’s really quite gushing and makes me wish I weren’t utterly incompetent at rhythm games.

And keeping with the music theme comes a nod to the original Mega Man, which is couched almost entirely in Radiohead metaphors. It’s all over my head, since Radiohead is basically prog rock that fell asleep, but everyone who loves somnolent computer sounds will eat this one up. But I kid, kind of. Just a word of advice: don’t gripe about the Proto Man continuity error. It’s deliberate, apparently.

If you would prefer to write rather that read — although really I don’t see why you can’t do both — Gamespite Fun Club is in full swing with several rousing discussions in progress. We’ve delved pretty deeply into the first chapter of Marathon: Durandal, made halting steps into Durandal’s second act, and drummed up some discourse on the original Castlevania for those who like shorter games. Or simpler games. Or games with whips.

Finally comes this week’s Retro Roundup. I’ve finally managed to put these back on track after the annoying disruption that was E3, so it’s all reliable and timely again and will be in future weeks. Please look forward to it (bow).

7 thoughts on “Fruits of labor

  1. Good articles, guys. Congratulations. Turning GameSpite in a comprehensive videogame site could be actually a good idea :)

    By the way, Parish, you got some movie/manga reviews around here. Can we expect more of that too from your selected team or just games?

  2. I think it’s kosher for us to write about anime and manga, but I’m personally focusing on Mega Man games for the time being.

    There are definitely a few (Mushishi, Fantastic Children, Ninja Nonsense, Paradise Kiss) that would be fun to write about. And I would melt at the opportunity of writing a full Urusei Yatsura retrospective.

  3. Yes, non-game content is totally kosher. I can’t help it that everyone has had a one-track mind so far.

  4. That Guitar Hero article is complete rubish. You should hire some better writers.

  5. I think the three posters above me are all the same person with a collection of old-timey wacky hats.

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