Harry Potter and the Annoyed Muttering

So, it’s a pretty good read so far. But, uh, anyone care to send me the text to pages 563-592? Someone at the press decided it would be fun to put the wrong folio there.

18 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Annoyed Muttering

  1. Man, it really sucks to be you. Page 565 is where they put the pictures of Hermione topless.

  2. Harry Potter fans waited for 10 years because they are idiots. And didn’t Rowling said she had planned 9 books. I guess she ran out of ideas. Also, Bruce Willis as Harry Potter and Michelle Pfeiffer as Hermione wouldn’t be cute enough for the pervs who want to do illegal things to Emma Watson.

  3. Can’t bump that picture down fast enough, eh?

    sad person, you need some sunshine and ice cream with medication in it.

  4. Pages get. (Also replacement get.) Thanks though.

    Kohler, is this a widely-reported problem? It’s certainly not the first time I’ve had this happen with a book, and didn’t really surprise me given the immensity of this pressing. But it couldn’t have happened at a more annoying spot in the book.

  5. Strangely enough, only two people came to pick up their copies of Harry Potter at the library yesterday.

  6. I can’t believe people missed the opportunity to make a joke about early adopters at your expense.

  7. You know what’s worse? I totally missed the opportunity to refer to that book cover in the last post as “the cameltoe that broke the camel’s back.”

  8. It’s not a widely-reported problem, it’s just Murphy’s Law. I was scared of a lot of things that could potentially happen to spoil my Deathly Hallows experience. There were some close calls but it was ultimately flawless.

  9. Harry Potter printing error! EBAY IT

    Yeah, pretty much. I’d actually probably be more interested in a book with a printing error than one without in all likeliness. In all seriousness, based on what I’ve heard about Deathly Hollows, it seems like something I’d prefer to the usual Potter fare. Too bad I don’t nearly have the time to trudge through the ~800 pages in the chunks I’d like to.

  10. My wife just heard a news story that this is actually worth a hell of a lot of money. Then again, it is just the radio…

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