Upgrade in progress

I am pretty sick of this site eating and rejecting comments at random, so I’m upgrading to the latest version of the blog software. So… if the site randomly stops working, at least you know why.

Except that you won’t, because it won’t be working, and you won’t be able to see this. Oh, technology.

And assuming this doesn’t work as planned, any recommendations on a good backend to use? Pivot is almost great, but not quite great enough.

5 thoughts on “Upgrade in progress

  1. I use b2evolution.net for any blogging needs I have, and it seems to work fine. Fine for me. I don’t know if it would have what you needed.

  2. I go out of city for a weekend and you have three new (one substantial) posts. Good. I have to work and can’t read them. Feel guilty.

  3. Yeah, the reason my comment to the Chrono Trigger entry doesn’t make sense is because it ate my first comment and then refused to allow me to post another comment explaining what happened.

  4. Are you still planning on reviving the comics? The “best” blog backend depends on what you’ll need, and what you want. Like-A-Rock Reliability? Lowest CPU usage? Most dynamic/customizable/image-friendly layout? Integration with vB? Maybe a photo gallery part to bring in the Oekaki? Free? Ease of use?

    For better or for worse, and as I’m sure you’re already aware, there are literally dozens of backends out there. I’d suggest making a list of what you need, a list of what you would really like, and go from there : /

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