14 thoughts on “My Seattle trip photo blog, part 1

  1. I think there’s a hippy joke to be made. Maybe. Like, something about green vehicles?

  2. You didn’t tell me you were coming to Seattle! I could have picked you up at the airport! Actually maybe we passed each other, as I was on my way to Copenhagen. Anyway, I hope that scooter isn’t your rental car!

  3. I don’t get it.

    You should ask about Nintendo Power. Inquiring forums want to know.

  4. Haha. That might be the best photo ever.

    I hope you’re having fun playing Animal Crossing on Wii.

  5. Animal Crossing? Ah ha ha ha ha. Like Nintendo would reveal a new game in the U.S. first — especially a major japan-centric franchise like that.

  6. Maybe I should renew my subscription to EGM so 1Up can afford to get you some better transportation for your next trip.

  7. I can’t help wondering what the story behind that is. It seems downright deliberate.

    Remember, if you’re ever on the Redmond side of the lake and want to meet up for a bit, just let me know.

  8. Kevin, I promise that as soon as I actually visit Seattle I will let you know.

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