War of the Lions is even better than I thought

Sure, we all knew about the completely fantastic new cinema scenes… but new battles, too? No one told me of this deliciousness! But yes, I’ve just fought my way through an entirely new battle in which I played as Delita — and only Delita — protecting Ovelia from enemy forces. So, so good.

The additions, I mean. Not the screen shots. I mean, sure, okay for a phone camera, but not exactly direct feed quality. Sorry.

Also, don’t even bother griping about spoilers. There are plenty of others to find, it seems, so I’m sure you’ll probably still have reason to play the game even after having seen these blurry photos.

And one of these days, I’ll actually be able to get Gafgarion’s crystal. That bastard. I almost had him this time, with Ramza decked out as a Monk beefed up with the Equip Armor skill, but since he’d only learned Chakra he was merely able to sustain his own health rather than air-punch the dark knight into submission.

“Next time, Gafgarion — next time! (Cue Mad Cat’s trademark caterwaul.)

28 thoughts on “War of the Lions is even better than I thought

  1. i kept ramza as a ninja/monk for almost the whole game. killed weigraf in two attacks, i did.

  2. I hate to be a whiny Internet nerd, but the squished aspect ratio on that port is inexcusable. It’s kind of like walking into someone’s house and seeing them watch a DVD with the image completely stretched out because they just don’t care.

  3. Wait, which mission were you trying to get his crystal on? because I’d always un-equip him before the Zerekile Falls mission so he couldn’t do jack. But I didn’t think you could kill him there.

  4. Was I the only one to raise Ramza as a Dragoon so he could just FALL on Gafgarion and win?

  5. Wow, that is awesome. I finally got to see some of the new cutscenes on Gamevideos, and I’m really geeking out over this game (as well as the new PSP Syphon Filter, God of War, and Castlevania. *Glee*).

  6. Ignore Height and Teleport make that fight a snap. If you can get your whole party onto the same side as Gafgarion, you can team-pummel him into submission while the rest of the “ambush” just kind of wanders around outside the gate.

  7. “I hate to be a whiny Internet nerd, but the squished aspect ratio on that port is inexcusable.”

    OMG this is so begging for a ‘is this bothering you? is this bothering you? I’m not touching you! is this bothering you? I’ m not touching you!’

  8. New content sounds nice, yes, but isn’t Kawazu (He-Who-Hates-Balance) the executive producer on this port? Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic, but I’m more or less waiting for the other shoe to drop, with a random plot twist that forces you to fight Velius with nothing but Throw Stones.

  9. “OMG this is so begging for a ‘is this bothering you? is this bothering you? I’m not touching you! is this bothering you? I’ m not touching you!'”

    Well, Parish said on the last Retronauts that nerds were being too whiny about the port, so I wanted to cushion the blow a little bit. It just gets me FIRED UP when all of the art in a game is compromised due to laziness.

    But since I’ll probably never have a PSP, I’ll probably never buy the game; so it’s not like Square is losing money from my nerd rage.

  10. Hey, it’s theoretically possible you could get a critical hit 50 times in a row.

  11. Nah, the battle above was a complete cakewalk (Delita’s moveset is basically Orlandu’s), and I’ve heard some of the later additions are tough but not unfair. There is the matter of the co-op coliseum, which is supposed to be ridiculous. Like fighting ten A**** units at once.

    And while your suggestion is technically correct, Mr. Rouse, I’m a big believer in bringing up a balanced party and not custom-building my units specifically for one event.

    And yes, I believe the party cap is 20 or so now. So you can keep the new characters and still have room for hired hands.

  12. Why not just use Weapon Break on Gafgarion? He can’t use his Dark Knight skills after that. Or am I missing something completely?

  13. I tried. Breaking his gear is a real pain. It’s pretty much impossible to get behind him because he keeps his back against the wall or the edge of the battlefield, and from the front or side you have about a 20-25% chance of actually breaking whatever you try to hit.

  14. What would getting Gafgarion’s crystal even do? In the original FFT, getting a special character’s crystal wouldn’t give you their special abilities. If you had been raising Gafgarion as a Knight or something, then yeah, you would get the Knight abilities, but not the SWORD OF HP DRAIN or whatever.

    Or is the PSP port different?

  15. I’ve often thought of trying to give Ramza the Undead status in the battle against Gafgarion and seeing what that would do. Or what about Berserking him? Or chickening him?

    “Delita’s moveset is basically Orlandu’s” Thunder God Del?

    I think a party cap of 20 is a move in the right direction but still not high enough – there’s still not much room for monsters in addition to all of the noseless humans. And that’s not nerd rage, more of nerd annoyance.

  16. I ate his crystal once. No, it doesn’t give you his special powers, but it’s very satisfying. Guy’s a dick.

    Although, in theory, since you can make Dark Knights in the port, you should be able to learn them now.

  17. Who wants to break Gafgarion’s Blood Sword? That sword is for stealing.

  18. I . . . I don’t understand what Parish has to do with a Spanish piracy site.

    What are you so angry about? Or maybe this is just an obtuse joke?

  19. “It’s just the recurring troll under a new name, per usual.”

    Its probably just Dave Halverson high on crack again. And this is what he does to make himself feel better about his publications that keep failing. It’s really his only viable talent at outside of taking drugs and telling people what to do.

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