Why Etrian Odyssey is awesome

And if Rocky Balboa’s enthusiasm for Etrian Odyssey isn’t enough to make you want a copy — if Andrew Fitch’s burning review doesn’t pique your interest — if Nich’s rad translation doesn’t make you run to the store… surely this will:

(For reference, a F.O.E. is a boss-like ultra-difficult enemy in Etrian Odyssey, the only kind of monster you can see while exploring. So basically when you see the fuzzy red circle, PANIC. Like this song.)

35 thoughts on “Why Etrian Odyssey is awesome

  1. What the f**k was that? I’m on some serious cold medicine right now, and I don’t know if that was real, or if I just imagined it.

    Serious. What the hell?

  2. Wait, it was Jesus on the cross? WHAT?

    I love promos that leave you less-informed about the game than you were prior to watching them.

  3. This just reinforces the fact that Atlus are completely off their rocker – on both sides of the ocean

    Next up: 2D watercolor adventures and pistol-based summoning.

  4. Loved the free form Retronauts. I wouldn’t necessarily make it the standard, but for just kind of winging it, I thought it was great, and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Any discussion that ends with Duck Tales NES, however briefly, is a winner in my book.

  5. I was on the fence, but that video alone convinced me to give Etrian Odyssey a try.

  6. Etryian Odyssey or Odin Sphere. For the “can only afford one Atlus game this month” gamer, which do you recommend?

  7. So I missed the release of this game. Usually, there are one or two copies of releases like this floating around local EBStops, but their store locator is showing none in a 50 mile radius. I’m going out shopping tomorrow and may check out a Game Crazy, but man it looks like this game had almost no retail presence.

  8. Odin Sphere. hands down. etrian is cool? but odin sphere is the last hurrah of a beautiful art form.

  9. Not Cho Aniki… FOE Aniki!

    That was just surreal. Everybody’s telling me that Etrien Odyssey is great, but like Mister Raroo, I must make like the Highlander and proclaim, “There can be only one!” And that one will be Odin Sphere.


  10. Ugh, a dungeon crawler. Isn’t that genre systematically designed to suck any fun from a game’s body like some sort of giant fun-sucking ogre?

  11. That was probably the coolest video about certain death ever. Ever. Don’t know much about this game, but I’m assuming it’s for the DS. Don’t have a DS, so I’ll pretend I never saw that video.

  12. Actually what made me buy it was finally being able to secure a job and thusly afford it. That video was pretty nuts though.

    And shivam, while I won’t argue that a game like Odin Sphere is a once-in-a-generation thing, I kind of see it as the ‘last hurrah’ until the next one. Kind of like Dreamcast shooters. Only less common and a lot better.

  13. Nich, is it okay to brag, or does that violate your company’s rules? Just wondering before I violate some NDA or somesuch.

  14. Just nabbed this game today, and holy crap, they aren’t kidding. I keep getting slaughtered by Omega Fuzzy Bugsquads that poison me before raping my useless corpse.

    It’s awesome.

  15. It sucks. This game is a complete waste of time and a piece of shit. Don’t you people see that Parish is only making publicity for a friend (and for Atlus)? Are you people so stupid? This post will be deleted in 1, 2, 3…

  16. “Odin Sphere. hands down. etrian is cool? but odin sphere is the last hurrah of a beautiful art form.”

    Glad to know that art prevails over function here.

    Also, how do you know it’s the ‘last hurrah’? Is there a clause among developers somewhere that no-one else can do a similar type game in the future? If anything, I see Atlus popping out something even *more* gorgeous on the PS3 in a few years, once the dust settles.

  17. That’s a bit optimistic. At this point, I think 2D games are in such a bad spot that the latest great one may as well be considered the final great one until proven otherwise.

  18. Classic launches an ad homeniem attack!

    T- Jojo

    I get, for no particular reason, the impression that you are a guy who gives blowjobs on the corner to get his next hit of crack/shitty football title.

    32 points of damage!

    Atlus is a company dedicated to satisfying the still relevant hardcore RPG lover niche. Etrian Odyssey is a love fest aimed directly to the core of that kind of creature. It’s probably not my bag of tea, but thus far every game I’ve seen Atlus release in the last few years (outside of MegaTen) I’ve at least liked the [i]concept[/i]. The fact of the matter is Atlus is releasing games that might never be made or localized due to the perception of American demand for videogames. Though it should seem like the natural goal of a publisher, I only feel truly catered to by Atlus.

    Finally, when you are predicting something to come at a specific time, generally we count DOWN to the event.

  19. For the record, comments by “jojo” get deleted not because he’s daring to speak the truth about the Grand Jeremy Parish Conspiracy or whatever he believes in his fevered, addled mind, but because he’s an obnoxious asshole who’s been changing IP addresses and handles to avoid my systematic efforts to ban him for years now.

  20. You know, you’d think if he’s been hanging around for years (lord knows why), he’d have figured out by now that you genuinely *enjoy* a well-executed dungeon crawler. I know, I know, I’m overly optimistic in assuming basic logic, but really.

  21. “Well, I have a little case of “The Others”. So sue me.”

    There’s no suing in ths case. It just slowly and irreconcilably mutates into S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and/or Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story.

  22. I’m kind of confused by that video, but at the same time I think I want to buy this game. So it’s entirely possible that their insidious advertising scheme has worked its evil magic on my brain.

    And I just found out my forum account works. I’m going to bring down your site from the inside with my idiotic whining and poorly-thought-out diatribes about Heroes of the Lance, Parish! Or, alternatively, I could just post once or twice and then forget about it like I do with all forums.

    Incidentally, has Odin Sphere been released yet?

  23. Not yet. It won’t be out until Wednesday.

    So… uh, I broke down and bought this game. I’m not sure why… it must have been the viral video that tipped the scales in favor of a purchase. It seems pretty spiffy, although it doesn’t show the player much mercy. Yesterday, I snuffed out my first F.O.E. (the stately Ragelope!), only to be utterly crushed by the next one, a mountainous yak with a nasty temper. Good thing you don’t have to fight ALL of these guys…


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