Caught: 2.42% of ’em all

I’m pretty new to this Pokémon thing, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, but I’ve decided to play a ton of the Japanese version of Diamond in preparation for my upcoming review. I’ve heard that Japanese critters can be traded with the U.S. game, so here’s hoping this isn’t a scurrilous lie and I’ll be able to import ridiculously high-level creatures and breeze through the final American game. But even if not, at least I’m learning the basics of the game!

The basics like, uh, rock-paper-scissors. I guess I have the hang of it since I managed to take down the first gym leader’s three critters in four moves total. Or maybe that’s just because I was wandering around lost from not speaking the local language for so long that my team seriously overleveled. Who knows!

Meanwhile, why did no one tell me that To Terra… is now an anime! Or if you did tell me, why didn’t you draw more attention to yourself so that I’d notice? Honestly, what am I paying you people for?

I really hope this makes it stateside — well, provided it’s a good adaptation. Which it should be, unless they’re just trying to make me sad. The producers were certainly on the right track by getting Nobuteru Yuuki to update the character designs; his figures are a great compromise between Takemiya’s wispy ’70s-style artwork and the cleaner, more angular look required by contemporary anime.

I don’t really do the fansub thing, like, ever… but should anyone happen to come across some that happen to include To Terra…. lemme know.

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  1. That’s the beauty of Pokémon: it guards against you using overleveled traded critters by rendering them disobedient if you don’t have the right badges! Still, your Japanese copy will be a good tool for the catching of them all.

  2. Oh man, I think I watched the 80s movie(fansub) a long time ago. From my vague memories of this movie, I remember we see the hero’s parents, but they weren’t his real parents. They seemed to be working a salaried government job to raise kids in a nuclear family. Then, when the kids hit puberty, they all go into this one room and get mentally reprogrammed, forgetting they ever had a childhood. In a funny way the hero makes me think of Maud’Dib.

  3. According to GAMEFAQ, the second badge gives you control of monsters up to level 30. Hopefully, you will be able to bring them to your Ameri-version without too much hassle/trouble.

    There is also a chance, (I think?) no matter how remote of the pokemon listening to you anyhow.

  4. What happens when they don’t listen? Do they eat the trainer? Because that’s pretty harsh.

  5. I don’t recall the percentages on this, but sometimes when they don’t listen they use a different attack, or they loaf around, or they ignore you. I think that sometimes they may even go to sleep for a couple of rounds like little fiends in digitally reduced living spaces.

    It’s frustrating but you can get around with your leveled up dudes.

  6. It hasn’t been fansubbed yet. There’s a raw Japanese episode floating around if you’re interested. The animated series’ title is “Toward The Terra”. As Pawelmaji mentioned there was also an 80’s film, clips of it are on youtube.

  7. Well, I didn’t really expect it to have been subbed quite yet — the first episode was only aired four days ago. I was just asking the fansub-aware to keep me posted.

    pnatsu, nice to see you’re one of us, now.

  8. FUNFACT: Not only can you trade between national versions, but there’s also an international Pokédex where you can collect different language Pokémon. Only a few monsters count towards the bilingual total, but in the Japanese version at least you can trade in-game for a Karpador, a German Magikarp.

  9. You know, Parish, with a little persistance, I know you’ll catch them all.

    Mostly dropping a line to say that you’ve got a damn fine looking clone army in your picture in this month’s EGM. Explains how you get all of this done. There were only three of you in the picture, but I suspect there are four of you, and the fourth is a clone of a clone, and therefore, retarded. Hey! That could be a great vehicle for Michael Keaton! I gotta go…

  10. Its not such a great vehicle for Keaton as it is a great vehicle for…Batman.

    The high level Pokemon sometimes don’t listen, but most of the time they do, and even when they loaf around a round or two other Pokemon don’t even scratch them. So yeah, catch them all.

  11. I can’t be the only person who suffered a mild aneurism at the mere suggestion of having to catch not only all the Pokémon, but having to catch them in different languages to boot.

  12. If I were to judge “To Terra” on the picture you used, I would consider it a film about a dystopian future where you can’t escape Headline News. Wherever you go there’s a text crawl. Excepting when they became afraid people were losing interest in them and decided to become more ‘hip’ by making some of them pop-up video style. The future is a horrible horrible place.

  13. We get paid? I think someone *coughcaloriematecough* has been stealing my checks.

    I was kinda waiting to bring up the new Terra series until I could see it for myself and tell if it was any good. Also, I wasn’t sure of your policy on The Fansubs.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t expect to wait too long for the subs to pop up. You might be surprised by the turnover rate nowadays. Heck, the first episode of Lucky Star (another new show this season) was subbed about a day after its first airing.

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