Over land and sea and air, Retronauts is there

Seeing as it’s Presidents’ Day and all, I thought to myself, why not do something patriotic? Then I decided that would be too much trouble and did a Bonus Stage about G.I. Joe instead. Apparently this one is only for people 18 or older? I guess Sharkey said too many cusses or something. Cobra Commander would not approve.

This episode feels a little lackluster after last week’s, unfortunately. I guess there actually is something to be said for having faces to link to the voices after all. Now I need to rethink this whole stupid thing.

I also think I’ll be posting something akin to an actual article later. But probably not, now that I’ve announced my intentions. I’ve jinxed it, just you watch.

21 thoughts on “Over land and sea and air, Retronauts is there

  1. hmm… Duke may actually be Mr. Parish. Only if Parish had the kind of jaw a balanced diet of anabolic steroids and bear wrestling could develop. Veteran’s Day seems more appropriate, though I cannot remember a game in which you played as a sword-swinging Lincoln. You should probably get on that.

  2. “I cannot remember a game in which you played as a sword-swinging Lincoln”

    Might work as a secret playable character in that Rumble Roosevelts game I’ve been toying with.

  3. Well, Metal Wolf Chaos (an import-only Xbox game) let you play as the heavy metal mullet-headed President of the United States. In a mech. But it wasn’t quite retro enough. And technically FFVIII let you play as a future president in the Laguna flashbacks, but we’ll be getting to FF in due time. So, G.I. Joe it was.

  4. “Rumble Roosevelts?” First honest laugh I’ve had from a comment today. Simple, yet brilliant. Cheers for that.

  5. No complaints. I’m a member of the fighting forces. Sedentary forces might actually be more applicable to my role in the Air Force.

    Thanks for pointing our a bit of 80s Americana that just might be the driving force behind a lot of our young troops today. Fighting babes in sky fortresses.

  6. That was a great episode. I hadn’t thought of the arcade game in years, but it was one of my favorites.

    My suggestion for settling on a consistant format: don’t. I like that its slightly different each time.

  7. I love the playing style of G.I. Joe Arcade. The game brings back so many memories for me. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see it’s “spiritual sccessor” come out in the US under the name of Sin and Punishment.

    I wish arcade games were as fun as back then. Then I might consider going back to the arcades.

  8. “I cannot remember a game in which you played as a sword-swinging Lincoln”

    Maybe, in the distant future, if they ever make an Amazing Screw On Head game, this will come to pass.

    Watching that GI Joe arcade game, I couldn’t help but be constantly reminded of Space Harrier. Not that that’s a bad thing, though.

  9. As to the sword swinging Lincoln, they’re making an Aqua Teen game, aren’t they? There’s always a possibility that Meat Wad will have a power up to do that, along with igloo and hot dog.

  10. Another week, another bonus stage, another formal complaint.

    How can you hate G.I Joe the movie? Any movie featuring Burgeous Meredith, even if its a bad movie, is good. Besides, the Joes use Black Entertainment Television as a weapon. I can only conclude that you did not like G.I. Joe the movie because 80% of the characters weren’t killed off in it like in the Transformers movie.

    If you don’t like GI Joe the movie your a terrorist.

  11. I eagerly bought The Atlantis Factor when it originally came out. Why? Storm Shadow! But yeah, the original was much better. Watching the clip, it dawned on me that if the GI Joe games genuinely sought faithfulness to their source material, they’d have made the Cobra soldiers consistently miss every time they fired at your character… though I’m not sure if that would have made for compelling gameplay.

  12. I wonder who would “win” in a poor marksmanship contest : Cobra soldiers or Imperial Stormtroopers?

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