You can thank me now

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood is coming to the U.S., and it’s all because of me.

See, I held off on buying a copy of Rondo of Blood for PC Engine Duo for almost a decade, always confident that eventually Konami would do the right thing and port it to a system where it could be acquired for a reasonable price. But as the years went by, the chances of such a thing happening became increasingly slim — especially after Koji Igarashi all but said, “Yeah, we can’t really do it.” So last year at PAX I broke down and paid far too much for a copy of the original game as a stunt for a segment of the 1UP Show. (Which segment, tragically, never actually saw the light of day, but never mind that.)

A month later, I learned of Dracula X Chronicles’ existence. Coming so soon after a decade’s worth of restrained finally broke down? Yeah, there’s no question. DXC was summoned into existence by the same ironic force of nature that prevents it from raining until you stop taking your umbrella to work and ensures that the grocery line speeds up only after you hop over to the shorter line. So just think. If I hadn’t broken down and spent a few hundred bucks on a game and the system to play it on, we’d never be getting this remake.

You’re welcome.

Also, it’s a Thursday, which means this week’s Retro Roundup is up alongside a new Retronauts. The only thing of note this time around is that the Nintendo hivemind has stirred in anger to rebuke me for giving the thumbs-down to Mario Kart 64. But it’s simple common sense, folks. Mario Kart 64 is good, but there’s already a better MK sequel playable on Wii (the overly-punctuated Double Dash!!). And sooner or later, the Super NES original will make its way to VC for less dough. Either way, MK64 feels like settling for second-best.

Oh yeah. Also, I apologize for the fact that the Dracula X Chronicles preview is probably to sloppiest, dopiest thing I’ve ever written. I’m not actually sure what I was thinking when I put it together. Clearly some sort of narcotic was slipped into my beverage. Anyway, all you need to know is that the graphics look great on the PSP screen, and while the animation seems off the play control feels spot-on.

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  1. I love the idea of getting the chance to play Rondo of Blood, but I hate that it’s not coming until fall. All the news stories are saying “Oh boy, Rondo of Blood remake…in about 9 months. I sort of hate how the gaming industry works like that.

  2. Congrats, Parish. I used a similar tactic to get Symphony on Xbox Live Arcade.

    I’m really excited about this game. I suspected that the news would be Dracula X related, but I never expected anything like this. It completely blew me away. I’m really glad to see Ayami Kojima doing Castlevania designs again, too. Her new Richter and Maria designs look sweet.

  3. Damn it! Stop releasing good games for the PSP, developers! Between this and FFT, I’m pretty much forced to buy one, and I really don’t want to.

  4. I personally think Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles looks really ugly.
    But considering it has the original 2D versions of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night included then I guess it’s worth it.

  5. Early in development, folks. Early in development.

    Not to sound anti-PSP or anything, but is there anyone else who thinks Rondo should see release elsewhere in addition to Drac X Chronicles (i. e. Virtual Console, XBox Live Arcade)? The PSP is too small (in the userbase sense) to contain its awesome.

    And I agree with the MK64 thumbs down, personally. Already disappointing back in the day. Wasn’t until MKDS that they got 3d Mario Kart right.

  6. My shoddy memory is telling me that the original Turbo-Duo version had ridiculously well drawn cut scenes also. If that’s in fact right, are they included on the 2D port?

  7. Hell yes! Since I am too excited by the fact that this is coming out to debate your “This is thanks to you” idea, I will just accept it and say thank you!

  8. I know I’m not the only one who responded thusly while reading this entry:
    ON THE PSP!? D:

    SCREW YOU, KONAMI! *shakes fist in rage*

  9. I assume those graphics are way, way, way early and not even close to final?

    Because they’re absolutely hideous.

    Of course, I look at the 3Dmake as a thin concession to Sony to get this game out on their system, so as long as I don’t have to unlock the 2D Rondo, that’s fine by me.

  10. I really enjoyed Mario Kart: Double Dash. It had easily the most solid control and feel of a MK game to date, excellent level design, and a challenging turbo system. I played the single player game right through, on my own, which apparently bored the shit out of most people. Weird.

    Also, Bonanza Bros. is a disgusting game. Makes you wonder what other designs they had on the table when they made it; could they honestly have been worse?

  11. Oh good, Dracula X finally comes to the US, but it’s on the PSP. Fantastic. Now I’ll go from never playing it on a console I’d never buy to… never playing it on a handheld console I’ll never buy. Good show, Konami.

  12. Oh, policenauts eh? I’ll second that. I remember petitioning Konami for years to bring that sucker over. Wouldn’t a Snatcher + Policenauts UMD kick ass? It’d probably do very well over here too, what with the increasing popularity of digital novels (Phoenix, Hotel Dusk, etc) in the US.

    No, that won’t happen; dreams don’t come true. I’ll never play Policenauts in English. v_v

    Still, hugely excited at getting a chance to own a non-bootleg copy of Rondo… Whee!

  13. So are there any images of the “no longer a 12 year old in an 8 year old body” Maria? I’m curious as to how the pudgy pink bird-throwing midget has changed.

  14. Between this, MPO and the Parodius collection, Konami has managed to make me forget my.. what’s thing called? With the two screens?

    ALSO: Edit/Delete functionality added, or backend meltdown?

  15. Jeremy: Please go purchase Magical Chase off eBay so Hudson will put it on Virtual Console next month. Thanks.

  16. Heh heh heh, good one, Mister Raroo. That reminds me, I need to check if that’s been suggested in the VC suggestion box thread on the Hudson Entertainment forums. If not, then I’ll post it.

  17. I hate when something comes along that makes me think, however fleetingly, about getting a PSP. Damn! Damn damn!

  18. I openly say “thank you.” Since just last few weeks I’ve been debating about buying one of those little “how to read japanese” paperbacks which would lead me to go out and buy that game. I don’t know a single friend who actually succeeded in learning how to play Panzer Dragoon RPG. So right now I’m just excited we are not only getting a remake but a port of this amazing game…… god, how much time I played SNES Dracula X pretending it was Rondo of Blood….. again, THANK YOU MR PARISH!

  19. Sug: “Oh, policenauts eh? I’ll second that. I remember petitioning Konami for years to bring that sucker over. Wouldn’t a Snatcher + Policenauts UMD kick ass?”

    I’d like to see a Ganbare Goemon collection myself.

  20. “Congrats, Parish. I used a similar tactic to get Symphony on Xbox Live Arcade.”

    I think that one was a team effort, as I too finally purchased my own copy of Symphony right before it was announced for XBLA. I’m still going to say it was worth it, even though I’ll probably never actually play my PSX copy at this point.

  21. Personally I thought Double Dash had some of the worst track layouts in the series and had an atrociously done battle mode, but to each their own.

  22. Nothing has beaten the original Battle Mode for me. I wish that they would just bring those stages back, and add any other bright ideas they have to them.

    MK64 has my favorite tracks, though, and I like that you are not so restricted on items when you are in first place. Catching up is easier, too.

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

  23. Hey are they ever going to make a PSP Lite or some equivalent? Because there’s all these new PSP games I’m actually wanting but I just HATE nearly everything about the current the current PSP hardware.

  24. Dracula X Chronicles should be released for the PS2, where it would actually get bought and played. The PSP doesn’t deserve a game this good. Once again virtually no one is going to get to play Rondo. It’s a smack in the face. Why stop there, Konami? Kick us in the groin by releasing a Castlevania collection for PSP featuring I – IV, Bloodlines, Haunted Castle, and the X68000 title. Follow it up with a PSP collection of every classic Contra game to ensure that I kill myself.

  25. Yeah, Konami’s been making some odd decisions. Silent hill Origins–what’s the hizzy on that?

    I’m kind of annoyed that DS is getting a konami compilation..and it’s pretty much the GBA collections, just with Contra arcade thrown in. BOO!

  26. Ah, it seems my purchase of a PSP keeps getting closer and closer to worth it. First there were those awesome MegaMan games, then a Tales of Eternia port, and now this? Fantastic!

  27. I would wager that he doesnt get paid anything to feel the way he feels. You act as if the game isn’t including the original as well.

  28. On a related subject, I am responsible for Sega finally including Phantasy Star 4 on a compilation disc.

    …On Mario Kart: I think 64 has the best battle stages (with the possible exception of DS).

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