Centennial update

So yeah, now that my Wii address book is full up, the Miis are just pouring in. Less than a week after hitting 1000 I’m already beyond 1100.

This has become a matter of scientific curiosity for me — I’m really determined to figure out exactly what, if anything, is the Mii Parade’s upper limit. I expect that at some point my console is going to vomit or something. But for now it seems to be doing OK; even with my Channels 80% full from VC downloads I still have nearly half the system’s memory blocks available. So you guys just keep making and mingling Miis, and I’ll keep accumulating them. For science. (For this cause, I am also available to kiss any Venusian girls you may know of.)

32 thoughts on “Centennial update

  1. What happens when all your Wii channels are full? Can you not dload any games? What the shit?!?

  2. Thats what they have totally unnecessary Wii branded SD cards for.
    And the problem is you don’t have my Wii number and I only have one Jesus and NO HITLERS!

  3. Nope, channels only work off internal memory. The expansion slot is just for photos or whatever. I assume that when your channel gallery is full you’re given an error message and told to make room by deleting a few of your current channels. (You can always re-download something you’ve purchased.) I can test this next week, I guess.

  4. It’s pretty scary how Nintendo seems to enjoy allowing easy Hitler creation in their programs. First Animal Crossing: Wild World had a Hitler ‘stache and weird Hitler-esque military garb. Now the Mii Channel lets you easily craft a virtual Hitler. It creeped me out when I was bowling last week and the 3 of the people in the background were Hitlers. Of all the strange coincidences. OMG NINTENDOZ IS TEH NAZI!!1!

  5. I thought someone would have mentioned Mother/Earthbound right now, with the number 1101 up there.

  6. I thought the 1101 was an elaborate reference to a Futurama style robot joke (which isn’t funny BTW)

  7. Well they only “work” off of internal memory, but it doesn’t mean you cant transfer games off of internal memory and onto an SD card in order to put more stuff in channels, right? Bueller?
    Anyway the Wii SD cards are totally overpriced its kind of funny in a way, and also sad.

  8. That is suck, because I have many awesome miis that may or may not make their way to you now. Such as Freddy Mercury, Edgar Allen Poe, and Dr. Wellington Yueh.
    OH WELL.

  9. Obscure TMBG references make me smile.

    But finding a spoony bard reference in FFXII a few minutes ago makes me smile even more.

  10. Hey, it’s my little brother Isaac’s annoying friend Isaac on the far right of the screen. Fun times.

  11. “Wait. Does that mean I won’t be able to use generic SD cards for backing ups?”

    Nope, I bought a 512 MB one for $20 at Target and its working like a charm.

  12. Of course you can use generic SD cards. But that didn’t keep some company from making white Wii branded SD cards that cost twice as much. Your local Target should have them in stock. Its about the only Wii stuff they have in stock, besides a classic controller her and there and maybe a nunchuck.

  13. You can move Channels to your SD card, sure, but you can’t actually launch them unless you have them in internal memory. And it takes about as long to transfer to SD as to redownload for some stupid reason.

  14. Why didnt they just add some more channels? Stupid nintendo and their stupid lack of foresight – this, Reggie, is not kicking ass and taking names!

  15. That is what we’re going to find out. At a rate of about 100 per week, we should know… next fall. Yeesh.

  16. I came here thinking I’d see you singing the praises of this incredible PSP Castlevania compilation. With this, Portable Ops and FFT: The Lion War, my stance on the PSP has completely shifted.
    I guess this’ll be in the next update.

  17. Just wondering, Jeremy, do you have the world record highest number of Miis? Will you post the results on Gamefaqs, if no one else has?

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