Science Theatre, minus the Mystery

A good long 15 years after first seeing the MST3K episode “The Day the Earth Froze,” the ultimate mystery has at last been solved. I’ve discovered what a Sampo is.

Apparently, it’s a personal shabu-shabu pot. Those frost giants may have been heartless jerks, but at least they had good taste. This would also explain why the Sampo was so highly coveted — I can’t imagine it was easy to come by Japanese cuisine in 12th century Iceland or whatever. Sorry about the image quality; I switched my phone service over to a BlackJack yesterday (since I need a smartphone and it’s clear the iPhone is going to be pretty worthless for its first rev or two) and I’m still working out the specifics of its camera.

Speaking of good taste, Marillion’s upcoming album is finally available for preorder. I know, I know, you don’t like Marillion, or you’ve never heard them, or you don’t care. But 2004’s Marbles was one of the best albums I’ve ever heard — and I will not brook dissent on this point — so there’s a 50-50 chance that Somewhere Else will be equally brilliant.

8 thoughts on “Science Theatre, minus the Mystery

  1. Even after reading your post, I’m still not sure what a Sampo is… I’ll look into this “Marillion” of yours, but if it disappoints, I’m seeking you out for revenge.

  2. “Somewhere Else” — Do I pre-order or wait for it to show up at Ameoba Records? An agonizing choice. It’s supposed to feel akin to “Afraid of Sunlight” but with more edge to it. Good news for me since I loved that album, but I recall you not liking it quite so much…

  3. Looks more like a “slow cooker” to me…
    On the subject of music… I’m more of an electronica guy. I listen to mainly Detriot-Techno and Eurobeat.

  4. For those who are still lost on the Sampo thing – ok, you know the thing the do at The Melting Pot and other fondue-type restaurants, where they put a pot of boiling broth on your table and you dip meats and veggies in to cook them? Yeah, shabu-shabu is basically just like that, only Japanese. So this is a pot for doing that at home.

    Now I’m hungry.

  5. Who knew Ilmarinen was able to forge plastic as well as the traditional metals? Maybe Louhi taught him how to cast white plastic.

  6. A shabu-shabu place just opened less than a block away from my house. I need to go before it inevitably goes out of business.

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