We’ll drink a toast to how it’s been

Sorry the site’s been pretty uninteresting lately. The problem, you see, is that I’ve been pretty uninteresting lately. Still, it hasn’t been a total loss — I’ve set a new record for failed creative endeavors, which is always something of an ongoing concern here. Start a project, stick with it a while, let it fizzle and die. Last Monday I launched the first chunk of a story with the ambition of updating it weekly; this Monday… I did nothing. So that’s zero to failure in… seven days.

I celebrated by going on vacation and spending a couple of nights in an embarrassingly decadent inn up in wine country. I guess that probably doesn’t parse as “remorse,” eh.

5 thoughts on “We’ll drink a toast to how it’s been

  1. I think I still hold a decent record of failure myself.

    I don’t know if you remember the semi-bet we made some months ago predicting which one of us would finish something significantly creative first. I guess the gates are wide open and the horses are plodding down the track. At the very least, it’s a kind of relaxing mental image.

  2. It’s tough keeping motivated about a project.

    The key is to just get into a rhythm, and force yourself to write a little every day. Even sitting down and writing for one hour a day can be great for organizing your thoughts.

    I wish you luck :)

  3. Just started a project myself: making a game.

    Hopefully I can get into a rhythm, otherwise it’ll end up on the pile of abandonware.

  4. I think creative success boils down to timing. The right project at the right time and in the right frame of mind. At least I hope so. I used to get really worked up about the stacks of failed creative projects in my portfolio. I felt like a loser and a phony. Telling people that you are an aspiring cartoonist when you are 19 feels diffrent when you are still saying it ten years later. I look at it like this: Every artist I respect will say in interviews that they are producing work that they want to read. If I’m producing stuff for myself and not getting it done, than the only person I’m dissapointing is myself. And I am extremely leniant on myself. I’m not getting work done any quicker, but I’m not worrying about it either.

  5. What Mssr. Nicholai said.

    My addendum:

    So, you missed this week. Don’t beat yourself up and declare the whole thing a wash and whatnot. Try again next week.

    Hell, I’m finally restarting the “Add A Word A Day” writing project as of next week.

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