Anti-Aliased (or, Voyage of the Dawn Sleeper)

I’ve mentioned before that my girlfriend and I watched Alias in its entirety last spring; in a bout of freakishly good timing, we worked through the first four box sets and torrents of the fifth season just in time to reach the actual airdate of the final two episodes. All told, it was a pretty good show, and I think people who detest the later seasons would probably do well to watch them in rapid succession (seaons three through five start off on shaky ground but come into their own a few episodes in).

In the ensuing months, she’s often expressed her fondness for the show. As in, “I miss watching Alias.” So for Christmas I bought her the complete series box set, which was probably worth it just for the stunning excess represented by the packaging. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that this would turn me into an enabler for a terrible addiction. She sat down last night to watch “part of an episode” as we ate dinner. A few hours later, she changed discs. An hour after that, I went to bed. Around 6 I woke up and heard the sound of voices coming from the other room and found her still watching — not asleep in front of the TV as I had expected, but wide awake and who knows how many episodes in. I’m thinking of staging an intervention.

Anyway. I may have thrown in the towel when it comes to comicking, but Talking Time’s very own unofficial comic (I guess, since this seems to be the only place the author is publicizing it) has just updated again. Warning: Nintendo Super Squad is nerdy, violent, vulgar and occasionally stupid. This is of course why it’s such a good read, but consider yourself warned anyway.

I feel like I sort of owe SF MUNI an apology for yesterday’s story. Not that MUNI is a stranger to frothing hatred, I’m sure, but the fiction I posted yesterday does not actually represent the full range of my opinions about San Francisco’s public transit system. It’s actually one of the better metro systems I’ve used, and it doesn’t really smell like a cat box most of the time. It certainly beats the public transportation where I grew up, which could basically be summed up as “doodly-squat.” I was a little spoiled after enjoying a week of Tokyo’s system at TGS, but I guess reliable trains are one of the perks that come hand-in-hand with the world’s highest cost of living.

21 thoughts on “Anti-Aliased (or, Voyage of the Dawn Sleeper)

  1. Could be worse, my friend. Some of our female significant others spend their entire television DVD viewing time in front of Friends.

  2. I’ve always thought Season 3 was underated (C’mon people it had DAVID Freakin Cronenberg in it) and Season 5 stuck the landing so any flaws it might have are forgiven.

    Season 4 on the other hand completely sucked ass. Especially since certain twists in Season 5 literally made it pointless.

  3. At least she’s addicted to a decent show. My better half has fallen under the sway of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.

  4. My parents dropped cable short after the first four chapters were aired in Latin America. So I wouldn’t know how good this show was until I earn Big People Money.

    In related news, my girlfriend borrowed my first two Batman:TAS DVD sets six months ago and still hasn’t returned them. Considering this and her love for Ghibli, my girlfriend kicks ass.

  5. How about abolishing the “meme” meme? Rampant overuse of the word “meme” on gaming blogs in particular. After the Society for the Abolition of Internet Memes succeeds, I can only hope that it turns on itself and devours its own name.

    Which reminds me (of The Worm Ourobouros)… have you seen Noein? pretty good anime.

  6. The wife and my current TV addiction is “House”. Pity we finally caught up on our binging and there haven’t been any new episodes in a while. (Hmmm.. *checks the internets*… oh, hey, looky there, there was finally a new episode this week.)

  7. I’ll see your nerdliness and raise: The last thing me and my fiancee marathoned was the live action Sailor Moon series.

  8. My last gf who was interested in anime made me drag out my Robotech DVD collection and watch it. I think we stayed up for most of Saturday and part of Sunday watching through the Macross saga set.

  9. The wife and I binge-viewed on Fruits Basket last year; now Michelle, her friends, their teen daughter and I are working our way through Buffy (we’re near the end of season 3).

    I LOVED Alias in the first season, and found my interest drop off after the second. Does it get better in the 3rd or fourth and thereafter?

  10. Look at us, comparing girlfriends based on dorkiness. I think that automatically embiggens oue dork levels. Yes, I steal from the Simpsons.

    Shawn, I don’t think we’re supposed to talk Buffy here (I hear Mr. Parish is not fond of it), but -off the record- I can tell you season 3 was probably the best. Seasons 4-6 were kinda bland, but the seventh packed the punch the previous three lacked.

  11. Oh, I bought The Girlfriend the Azumanga Daioh box set for Christmas, but that’s for special occasions.

    Namely, whenever we watch Azumanga Daioh, it becomes a special occasion.

  12. Wow, I thought Parish was one of those people all “American TV series suck! and Angel sucks and Buffy sucks and Alias sucks, etc”. But he has taste people. Amazing taste.

  13. Juan-

    Well, I was actually asking about Alis in my question– season 3 just really kiboshed any interest I had in Alias.. but I’d be willing to give it another shot if there’s redeeming stuff in subsequent seasons.

    I enjoyed Buffy pretty much through most of its run (“Superstar” and “One More With Feeling” being two of my favorite episodes ever).

  14. I kinda saw that, but I don’t know a thing about Alias. You did mention you were on the verge of finishing the third Buffy season (a field I knew a bit), so I decided to butt in, thinking you hadn’t seen the later episodes. Apologies.

    Also, Once More With Feeling really was that good. I still hum Giles’ song every now and then.

  15. Muni really does suck, though. Granted, I’ve only experienced a small sampling of the world’s public transit systems (NYC, Boston, San Antonio, London and Paris), but out of those, at least, Muni comes in dead last. Have you ever seen the approaching train signs in the underground stations that sometimes display things like ???@&!!%??? I’ve always thought that it was sort of like a glimpse into Muni’s tortured, feverish brain.

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