Stupidest act of the month

Today I was going to write about the most horrible ideas for food ever (including “rhesus pieces” and “frottage cheese”) but then I went and did something even more horrible: I ordered a PS3. I “won” that stupid lottery had going on this weekend, where you could sign up and maybe (just maybe) you’d luck into a 1-in-44 chance of getting the right to order a PS3.

The fact that I won makes me a little suspicious, as though the whole thing is perhaps some sort of rigged hype- and sales-building exercise. Honestly, I’d be OK with that, because according to their signup page, raw statistical fact makes it twice as likely that I’ll develop hemmorhoids as “earning” this chance to buy an overpriced, likely-doomed-to-breakdown piece of gaming hardware. So if this sign-up event wasn’t actually a cynical lie, I should probably stock up on the Preparation-H just to be safe.

Anyway, I went ahead and placed the order, but only so I can get the resulting write-off on my 2006 taxes. For the time being I really only need this thing so I can download software for the Retro Roundup. Otherwise, until MG4 and FFXIII make their way to stores, the PS3 doesn’t have much use as anything but a hi-fi PSOne game player. And, of course, a handy tax deduction — all in one! Oh, Sony, you were right all along. It really is the versatile wonder-console of the future.

(Hyper deluxe awesome Han Solo image totally bogarted from R. Stevens.)

P.S. Special prize to anyone who can name all ten Miis in the header up there.

33 thoughts on “Stupidest act of the month

  1. If you don’t want it, then don’t buy it, but cease the bitching already. My god. I’m a Sega fan, and even I think all the negative press Sony is getting is ridiculous and uncalled for. The console has only been out for a month, I would suggest everyone wait a while and give it a chance before you go making stupid remarks.

  2. I see Parish, Rorita and Ness, and dat’s all I gots.

    (…I’d make a Romper Room refernece here, but Americans would feel left out.)

  3. Oh, but I do want it. 2007 is now the year of the PSOne revival.

    It’s just that the system’s main function, playing PS3 games, won’t be worth a damn for another 6-9 months.

  4. Lucky you (I guess)…. I signed up for a shot to get the Wii, but came up empty-handed.

    Probably for the best – I should wait use a pile of Christmas gift cards on one of them.

  5. I…I’m pretty sure that ain’t Helen Narbon, unless those are some of the most messed-up pink glasses ever. Her hair-thingies are more round than that, too.

    Congrats on the PS3. I saw one of the 20 GB models in Target, and I suppose I could’ve sold it on eBay, but I didn’t think it was worth it. Like you, I don’t see the point until MGS4. Heck, I was just happy to get a Wii and Twilight Princess.

    Yes, I already had a GameCube, and could’ve just waited a month or so and have picked up Twilight Princess for $50 don’t talk logic to me.

  6. Oh, wait. Upon closer inspection (read: I actually tried this neat thing called “paying some attention”, I see they are glasses, and not some weird KISS makeup. So yes, it looks a LOT more like Miss Helen Beta Narbon.

    Totally my bad. ‘shwat I get for being a raving Narbonic fanboy. My apologies.

  7. I ordered a PS3 too. I also won the thing. I thought, “there’s no way I’ll win this, but I might as well try.” Lo and behold, I won. Never in my life have I won something like this (my luck + Murphy’s Law = terrible luck).

  8. Haha. Frottage cheese! I was recently in Beijing and frottage is rampant. Somebody grabbed my gf’s (girlfriend, not guardian force) junk. Also deodorant and running water are also somewhat novel so cheese is also rampant. Yuck.

  9. i miss having money to spend on high price items.

    and dude, romper room used to make me cry, cause my name’s not michael or timmy or johnny or .

  10. “i miss having money to spend on high price items.”

    Me too! Oh, the joys of credit. So much for my pledge of a debt-free existence.

  11. How is that a tax deduction? If you’re talking about the fact that you use your PS3 for “work,” that would probably just be an unreimbursed employee business expense and would have to be itemized. And since you’re not paying off a mortgage, your itemized deductions are going to be useless to you as they’ll be less than your standard deduction. If you’re talking about the fact that doesn’t charge you sales tax, that’s not a deduction, that’s tax avoidance: you’re obligated to pay use taxes to your state taxing authorities.
    If you want a tax deduction, you can sell me your Wii for less than what you paid for it, and report a capital loss; or you can give it to me and claim a charitable contribution — because I’m one of the unfortunates who was left out in the cold.

  12. Peter – you’re assuming there that Jeremy’s unreimbursed business expenses don’t add up to more than a typical mortgage.

    I think I’m being flippant, but I’m not entirely sure.

  13. Kirin.. you’re actually totally off base. His itemized expenses in total are what would be at issue, and they only need to be more than the standard deduction, which is around $5000. Even if your “flippant” comment held water, a “typical” mortgage in california includes over $10k a year in interest. Do you honestly think he spends that much moeny on games? And I was joking anyway. Under no tax code can you deduct a videogame console as any kind of expense. I only posted because as a tax accountant, I actually am curious about what Parish meant by his comment about taxes. But if anybody DOES want to debate tax issues surrounding gaming, it should be somebody semi-qualified in that arena — i.e. not you.

  14. I love how people have to make sure everyone knows that “GF” stands for girlfriend in this instance and not guardian force. No, I’m not being sarcastic, that really does please me.

  15. I wonder, if you left the Mii Parade on, would it still check the internet for new Miis?

    If you took a well-friended Wii, hooked it up 24/7 to a webcam, that might be an interesting thing to see.

  16. hate me all you want, it’s still not deductible. but i do apologize for harping on the subject.

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