Ambivalence time!

Yesterday I installed forums for this site. They became very popular very quickly. That’s good. But they became so popular that they caused the server to melt down, and when it returned the database had been erased. That’s bad. But I intend to restore the forums. That’s good. But my current webhost is being uncharacteristically unresponsive about this whole affair and I suspect I won’t be getting much support. That’s bad. But I’ve decided to have the site hosted elsewhere, which should result in (much) higher bandwidth and more options for me to improve the site. That’s good. But even though my monthly costs will be much lower, I had to pay for a few years’ service up front. That’s bad. So I’m going to be selling crap on eBay to subsidize the move. eBay’s kind of a hassle, though, so I’m posting up a listing here first (again). Please have a look and see if there’s anything you’re interested in, and if so, make me an offer. It’s for the collective good! I don’t like carrying credit card balances.

Also, I’ve discovered that the Mii Parade is not limited to 100 participants — mine’s up to 130 now. That’s good. Unfortunately, this good/bad gimmick has worn out its welcome and I don’t have anything else of substance to say. That’s bad. There’s nothing more to see here, but maybe you could read 1UP’s new weekly retrogaming column? I hear it’s pretty great! It’s mostly focused around new Virtual Console-type releases, but also touches on various other classic gaming-related news.

And that? That’s awesome.

25 thoughts on “Ambivalence time!

  1. How much did you have in mind for Raycrisis? I don’t have any free cash on me now, and I’m not so great at making offers for this sort of thing. So you’ll probably find a buyer before I can get around to it, but I’m very interested in that game. Looks neat.

  2. I think it is. (Haven’t opened up my copy yet.)

    Did Nintendo undership on the Classic Controller as well? The 4th shoulder button made it even more yummy. Now, barring the lack of two clickable analog sticks, it has as much functionality as the competition.

  3. Nice channelling of Treehouse of Horror Homer. There aren’t many simpsons references I still appreciate. Just keep away from the potassium benzoate. Good luck with the selling! I highly recommend someone picks up that Bombastic. You won’t be sorry.

  4. Hell yes, the classic controller is undershipped. My local shop has only gotten two since launch. They’re getting two more next week to fill the rest of the preorders. At this rate I expect to get component cables before I can get more controllers.

  5. I feel pretty fortunate — I was able to get a Wii at launch, my classic controller arrived Monday and my component cables came today. Now I just need, uh, Super Mario Galaxy. Yes.

  6. My Wii should be at my house any day now. Good thing no one thought of JC Penney.

    Both Classic Controllers and Nunchucks are sold out everywhere. Looks like Nintendo underestimated their accessories.

  7. You’re probably going to have to pay someone else to get Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness of your hands.

  8. Nintendo’s online store can seem to get it’s information straight. When I initally ordered the component cables about a week and a half ago, It said they were going to ship this week. When I checked on Monday, the date slated mid-December. Now it seems to have gone back to this week and my order status is now labeled ‘preparing order’, along with a UPS tracking number.

    The Classic Controller I ordered is still labeled ‘back ordered’ though..

  9. Oh wow, I didn’t even know there was a Raycrisis! Much less it came out here! I just thought WD brought out Raystorm, which was badass. Now that’s very tempting… I’ve got (and love) the Saturn original, and used to have the PS1 Raystorm sequel.
    Unless I’m confused with games again.
    Also in the want category: Silouette Mirage and Trace Memory. And a little bit of Broken Sword II.

  10. I’d email you about buying some stuff if I could figure out what the hell your email address is.

  11. Huh. And here I thought I already bought Jeremy’s copy of Silhouette Mirage a few years ago. Had to do another article on unplayable Treasure games or something?

    I’m pondering making an offer on some other things, but as always the question is: will I actually have any time to play them? Hmm.

  12. I wish you could use the Classic Controller for GC games. I’ve heard you can’t (that’s true, right?), and I’ve never been all that comfortable with the Gamecube controller. Eh, moot point until I get a Wii anyway.

  13. “How in the heck do you get other Miis to come onto your Wii? Do you need Wii codes to do so?”
    There’s a secret handshake. Have you ever seen that video of the guy opening the door in Metroid Prime 3?
    Actually, if I’m not mistaken, parading Miis come from the network of people in your address book, so long as there are some set to mingle, *and* the travel setting is checked in the Mii Parade. I’m not sure how many degrees of separation from names actually in your address book the Miis travel from, though.

  14. Mii’s will only come from other Wii’s in your address book BUT! I think there is some other force at work to determine which Mii’s show up in your parade. A recent example: After adding Torgo to my address book, The Master showed up in the parade. But the Torgo Mii didn’t appear until a few days later. (unless they were just created seperately…)
    Maybe when the board is back online we can document Mii migration, similar to how wildlife is tagged.

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