Escape from the turkey coma

Hey Internet, I managed to live through Thanksgiving. That was no small feat, since this is the first time I’ve ever played host to an actual gathering (as opposed to a tiny handful of others) and I wasn’t sure if my dormant culinary skills were up to the task of prepping a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls all from scratch. But I put on the La Cucine costume given to me by a friendly (and naked, for some reason) chef and went out and killed random monster spawn until my Cooking skill leveled up, and all turned out well.

Except the fact that the turkey took three hours longer to cook than expected, but I blame the turkey for that one.

Shamefully, the bulk of my break has been spent making Miis. In fact, that’s pretty much all that happened Thursday (that and watching the Spanish-language version of Chuck Norris’ “Missing in Action,” a truly profound celebration of American freedom if ever there was one); we crafted some frightfully impressive versions of the cast of Earthbound, a decent enough Wind Waker Link and some abominations best forgotten. Half the fun of booting up my Wii is seeing what new Miis have arrived in the mail — this morning it was Scott Pilgrim and Adolf Hitler. Good efforts all, though nothing — nothing! — will top my Golgo 13.

I’ve lost track of who I have and haven’t sent Miis to, though. If I’m on your list and you don’t have a guy named Dr.Toasty wandering around your Mii Plaza, send me a message via the Wii’s mail service and I’ll rectify the situation posthaste.

Now to deal with the really difficult questions that a vacation poses. Like, do I play FFXII all day, or Boktai DS?

36 thoughts on “Escape from the turkey coma

  1. I’m ashamed, FFXII is the best one ever, and the best game since Resident Evil 4, but I just resort to playing Battlefield 2, Gran Tourismo 4 and Contact.
    Don’t be like me!

  2. Oh man, you make me wish I had a Wii even MORE. Will you still be willing to send out Miis to readers in like a year? I need to get some cash…

  3. Having had Hitler drop in on my Mii party, I sent over a little Radd Spencer to do battle with the Mii megalomaniac, hopefully hitting home runs until his mechanical dictator head explodes.
    I can’t believe how addictive the Mii creator is, even more so with a crowd around. If done right, Wii Sims is going to sell more consoles than Nintendogs did DSes.

  4. Funny, I whipped up a Scott Pilgrim Mii as well (to keep my Christopher Walken/Luke Smith Miis company, I suppose).

    Christ, why aren’t I playing Zelda right now?

    8158 3071 6952 1159

  5. Well, a Rick (Splatterhouse) Mii is definetly something I was expecting people to come up with sooner. I guess everybody hates or does not remember Splatterhouse anymore.

  6. I got Kohler’s impressive little Ness from you, but thus far, no Dr. Toasty. You might do what I’m planning on doing soon enough and just set most of ’em to migrate so you don’t even need to worry about sending stuff out.

  7. Blast. If only I had a Wii. Oh, and I’d suggest FFXII. Yiazmat won’t kill himself, you know. If you start right now, you might have him defeated by next summer.

  8. I so want to be in Jeremy’s Wii network. I don’t think he’d like me, but the Mii goodies would compensate for every “Stay away” and “Drop dead” I’d get.

  9. I really wish the address book had some sort of organizational features. Something that allows me to file names under headings of my choosing… or at least alphebetically by name.

    I threw you a message, Parish, but does ‘attaching’ a Mii to a message actually send it to the person (after all, you ‘attach’ a Mii when you add a friend code), or am I supposed to send it via the option in the Mii Channel itself?

  10. Torgo –

    Nope, you have to ship out your Mii by way of the Mii Chanell – attaching a Mii to a message just acts as a emoticon/signature to said message. (I have a friend who mistakenly tried to send me half a dozen Miis via the messaging service juuust this morning.)

  11. A Splatterhouse Mii would be alright with me, but your options are kind of limited (i.e. no red face option). I tried to make a Bonk, but the results were not flattering. I gave up on a G.W. Bush because without the ears he’s just not the same.

  12. hooray! My Mii got a shoutout in Toasty’s blog! You will note, Mr. Parish, that you have the exclusive “toothy grin” Scott Pilgrim in exchange for sending him an (albeit High School aged) girlfriend.

  13. I braved black friday to get my Wii. I lost a bit of my faith in humanity in the process, but the folks lined up for Gamestop’s 7 am opening were exponentially better at being human beings than the folks lined up at Toysrus at 5 am. Oddly, all 50 or so people at Gamestop were in line for a Wii, and I was the only one playing a DS (working through FFIII). I’d love a Dr. Toasty: 2262 7005 8843 8807

  14. I haven’t gotten a Mii from you yet, but then again I can’t remember if I ever publicised my Wii number (pssst, 3564 5468 1698 6694).

  15. I wouldn’t mind having a Dr. Toasty or Scott Pilgrim running around my Mii lobby. 5592 7970 3897 2580. I’m terrible at making Miis, the only one I have made without help is Bill Clinton.

  16. I wonder if Nintendo will release Mii packs with accessories and stuff for miis. They could release them with games (a free samus mii and mii accessories pack #1 when you buy metroid prime 3 sounds good to me).

  17. I sent registered you last night. My Wii number is 7131 3555 5808 7550. Soon you will see the abominations that I have created. I can only hope they do not devour yours in a malice-filled rage of some variety.

  18. I haven’t really been making too many Miis, but that’s generally because I’ve been playing Zelda. I think I can be forgiven for that. I’ve gotten a couple cool ones, like Gordan Freeman. He’s pretty rad. Anyway….

    2205 5466 8687 7285. Wooooord.

  19. Howdy all. Just got my Wii today and I’m setting it all up now, though I should be sleeping as I work third shift. My Wii number is 7287 5570 7627 5075. And while I have yet to make Miis, I’m sure I’ll be up doing something on here all day.. be it Zelda or otherwise.

  20. I know this is off topic, but I know somebody here has to have had this experience. I just got some PS2 component cables so that I can bump up the FFXII quality on my widescreen HDTV. I set the aspect ratio in the PS2 dashboard to 16:9 and I got a 16:9 dashboard image inside a 4:3 image size, which made for what looked like an image that is letterboxed on all four sides. Nevertheless, I rebooted and loaded FFXII and went to config and set the aspect ratio to 16:9. What resulted was a squished picture inside a 4:3 image. I ajusted my tv to stretch the image and the characters and backgrounds look normal now, but the menus seem stretched.
    I did a little research and supposedly the PS2 doesn’t output in 16:9 480p which I guess is what I was trying for. I was just wondering if any of you could confirm that was the case or if you have gotten it to work.

  21. I already posted my Wii number, but here goes again. Register me if you want to get your hands on a wicked Charles Bronson Mii. 6381 4891 6482 8302

  22. Dood! I needs me a Dr.Toasty. And some more friends… 5545 8670 0504 2589 Commenters are more than welcme to add me too. Just shoot me an email. I’m afraid the coolest Mii I have is a half-assed Johnny Napalm though… Damn that Lars Umlaut and his unwillingness to be a Mii!

  23. You have Boktai DS!!! Ah man please give impressions really soon, because it seems like no one is saying anything about the game except for that it’s really short. Oh, and please stop taunting us about how you have Final Fantasy XII, Zelda and on top of all that, Boktai DS! I went to the mall today and was tempted to buy a copy of Final Fantasy XII, but all they seem to have is a big stack of Collector’s Editions. Plus my preorder of the gamecube version of Zelda Twilight Princess seems to have disappeared for some reason. With all of that said, congrats on getting a Wii, Zelda, FFXII, and Boktai DS.

  24. 8400-8853-1177-8428

    Thats my wii number. I added yours JP so Ill be lookin’ for you in pixel manifestation.

  25. Say, I seem to remember you saying something about Nintendo setting you up with Miis when you were in Redmond for the Zelda-thon. How’d their Mii stack up to the one you came up on your own?

  26. Yay! Mr. Toasty get! I must say, he is pretty cool (better than anything I’ve made, anyway). Someday, however, I will surpass him; yes, because it is my dream…

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