The towel, thrown

I have been wrestling with a quandary these past few days. And with allergies as well. You’d think after living without a problem for two decades in West Texas, the allergen capital of America, I’d have built up quite a resistance to particulate-induced sniffles, but it is not so. Something about San Francisco has broken through my defenses and reduced me to a runny-nosed heap of headaches. I blame the Blue Angels, whose low-flying antics coincided precisely with the onset of my bleariness. Perhaps noise is not the only pollution they have inflicted upon our fair city, is all I’m saying.

The other, and much bigger, crisis which has been pinning me to the mat of existence is that of the dreaded, long-overdue ToastyFrog ‘Zine Issue 6. Should I just admit defeat, I’ve wondered for the past few months? Every weekend I sit down and try to work on the layout and art, and every weekend I come away with nothing. Today, I’ve made my final decision, as you might have gathered from the title of this post.

I can rattle off a list of reasons for the stupid thing’s failure to launch, but none of it really matters. What does matter is that I’m not a fan of ripping people off, so I’ll be putting together a plan to make sure things get all even-steven for everyone. So please do hold off on mailing me about refunds for the moment — I’d prefer to keep all that info together.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting the content of the issue on the site for the remainder of the month. I finished the text for Issue Six half a year ago, and while I don’t think it’s good enough to justify being sold it seems OK being offered for free. And I might as well make it available while it’s still slightly relevant.

My apologies to all involved. Of all the failed ventures to have sprung like a malformed Athena from the brow of this website, this is definitely the most demoralizing.

20 thoughts on “The towel, thrown

  1. Aw, man. :(

    Good to see that the text will make an appearance.

    Any change you might publish the planned cover, like maybe as a PDF format or something?

  2. RIP, little Toasty zine! You had a good run, and I will treasure forever those five glorious issues, Xeroxed expertly and stapled with love, sitting in that shoebox under my bed.

  3. It sucks that the ‘Zine (or at least Issue Six) had to die, but I appreciate that you let everyone know. I sent you my cashmoney way back when you announced the project, and I have never regretted it.

  4. Gametime with Mr. Raroo wins again!

    Nah just kidding. I always felt bad I missed out on the Toasty ‘zines, and I’m sad to see them “follow the Dreamcast, lol” But at least we still have the site, right?

  5. Don’t worry, as a procrastinating artist I know how it feels to give up on a project after dragging it out until you don’t really care about it anymore. It’s not great.

  6. It’s a shame that the Zine never came to be, but that’s just how things are. No subscription regrets here, either. Print is dead anyway, right?

  7. lynch you? for what, dude? we liked the zines when they came out, and we liked the awesome twiddly bits like the fridge magnets (still waiting for that tshirt with the stamp things) and plush toasties, so i think those of us who paid you then don’t regret it.

    If anything, i regret not sending in my article about megaman music.

  8. Not being in the US, I was never able to buy them, but the content that eventually made it online was part of what made me fall in love with this site. The Zine may be over, but I’m sure you’ll manage to do something else equally entertaining for you and -obviously- us.

  9. I’m sad now…

    Fun fact, since I subscribed I’ve moved seven times. But it was great, odd stuff. No regrets, keep on fighting the good fight, vapid platitude.

    Glad that it’ll be published in some form. Now, if you’d just wrap up PSX RAD 25…

  10. I’d actually be fine if he just posted what he finished of PSX RAD 25. I barely remember most of it and I’d love to read it again.

  11. Hey, you’re a busy guy. Any civilized, sane, caring person out there will understand. Well, I know the Internet is rarely so, but most people that come here are pretty good people, so don’t worry too much about it.

  12. Have you tried taking anything for your allergies? Moving from Nashville (Black Mold Capital of the USA) to Atlanta (Pollen Capital of the USA), I’ve found Loratadine is a godsend. Alavert took about a day to get crackin’, but it got rid of all my sniffles and aches.

  13. Rest in Peace, ToastyZine. It was fun while it lasted; no lynchings here.

    You know, just as a random idea, I’d look forward more to whatever random Toasty tchochkes you might someday be able to throw together for old subscribers than in money back. However, I do realize that money back is probably quicker and easier for you. Though, obviously, it’s not like any of us are in any hurry here.

  14. As a writer for the first ‘zine, I would be sad to see the last one go unpublished. I’d also like to se you resurrect some of your old material, but as a reader of this site since circa 1998 I know that probably won’t happen.

    PS- You gave me my first “real” publishing break and now I inflict my opinions on greater populations :I

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