Break Post like the wind

I need to learn to find some balance in my life; my tendency appears to go all-or-nothing these days. Say, for instance, the way in which I went more than two months without a single Retronauts posting; now, within the past week, I’ve published the first Retronauts podcast (including its terrible-but-highly-requested unexpurgated form) and not one but three similarly-branded blog posts as well. Namely, Final Fantasy III, Zelda II and Dark Forces. See? Weird.

So anyway, I’ll probably keep up the streak for a week or two and then fall back into a circadian lull unti after Christmas. No guarantees or anything, mind you. I’m just basing this on observed behavior.

Speaking of more concrete future details, I think we’ll be doing several PC-themed Retronauts podcasts in a row, if for no other reason than it will give me a defensible excuse to flog my own personal interests for a while afterwards. I can always point back to the Doom (10/18) and Sam & Max (10/25) episodes and say, “But look! I’m not just about Nintendo nostalgia!”

Man, that sounds really lame now that I explain it.

In much less lame news, go check out Nich’s blog and cheer him on as he attempts 24-Hour Comics Day today. I’d have done one myself, but… well, read that last entry again. Yup. So here’s hoping for a vicarious success through my friends.

12 thoughts on “Break Post like the wind

  1. …I was just going by the two links you had in this post. Oops.

    Guess I’m not hip enough for XML files and iPods. (I suppose I need to start putting tags on what I say. Good thing I didn’t say “LOL! I didn’t know Parish is funny! AMIRITE?” as a joke)

  2. Not that anyone cares, but I just heard a rumor about the PS3 launch price tag being $800. The way things are going, my next gen console experience will be a V-Tech Flash.

  3. 24 hour Comics huh? Well if the ones associated with Irritability ( are any sort of indication, your mind breaks apart at hour 18.
    Then again, Irritability never really made any sort of sense, so it’s possible that other such endevors could be a success.

  4. Dark Forces had a really great sequel that addressed a lot of the shortcomings of the first! Saving mid-mission was enabled, there was a third-person view for those annoying jumping sections, and the multiplayer was fantastic!

  5. I used to hate that stupid “Return of Ganon” crap you got when you died. It’s like Nintendo was saying “Ha ha. You suck.”

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