Ignorant White Guy Redux: T-minus 23 hours

Less than a day until I board the plane, crammed in between other people of unknown hygiene and courtesy, and spend 10 hours in the air flying to Narita. Long-time readers will recall that this is not my first flight to Japan, although the chronicle of my travels and travails have been lost to the ether quite deliberately since my previous trip overseas was part and parcel of an ex-relationship. It is always very awkward to dwell in the past in such situations. Unless, of course, your name is Jeffrey Brown. According to the site’s copyright indicia, mine is not.

For the record, I don’t think this trip will be quite as entertaining to write about as the last. It’s basically going to be me and a bunch of other white nerds in very controlled environments rather than, say, an actual vacation. Although if my travel companions insist on eschewing actual Japanese food in favor of McDonald’s and Denny’s for every meal (as they’re rumored to do), my murderous rampage might make the headlines. Stay tuned!

By the way, I forgot to mention that my newly-acquired personal electronic device is not white:

So you can drop that particular running joke. Thanks to the helpful wisdom of Dezro, I did eventually buy a mic for my new nano, and it works surprisingly well. I’m sure I’ll look like a complete twit using an iPod in lieu of an actual tape recorder at interviews, but it’s not like I have a choice in the matter since the curious Ziff Davis epidemic which causes people to borrow your belongings and never return them laid claim to my recorder ages ago. We had a great run, little guy. I’ll miss you.

20 thoughts on “Ignorant White Guy Redux: T-minus 23 hours

  1. “So you can drop that particular running joke.” What is the running joke, exactly, Jeremy? That you like white electronic devices? That’s a pretty specific running joke. How is the new Nano oherwise, BTW?

  2. I didn’t think the original White Guy chronicles were particularly fun.
    I was more of a Religious Symbolism kind of guy.

  3. As for as olde thyme features go, I preferred King Vitamin myself.

    Ignorant White Guy wasn’t bad, though.

  4. Remember to bring lots of water on the plane!- oops.

    Looking forward to great coverage of TGS, it’s going to be DS games info galore.

  5. Dehydration city. I can’t imagine making that flight to Narita without downing tons of water. Or even using eye drops. Good luck.

  6. Thumbnail Theater is what drew me to this site.
    I miss the splash screens and the old (retro) comics. The updating of… not the actualy content itself. Fortunately, navel(and not so navel) gazing has remained pretty much constant, even under the guise of moral outrage.
    IWG is ok, my poor memory is making me think it’s like MegaTokyo, except without the constant apologizing and whining.

  7. My girlfriend is always complaining that she misses Japanese Denny’s. She prefers them much more than the American ones.

  8. 1) Ignorant White Guy was my favorite Toastyfrog feature.

    2) You actually CAN bring water on the plane, assuming you purchase it AFTER the checkpoint for the OVERPRICED airport prices. So never fear.

    3) Japanese Denny’s DO NOT SERVE American food, so Parish, I encourage you to take your cohorts there. The closest you can get is the Hamburger, which is served J-style (meat on plate covered in soy sauce and green onion…things), 5 french fries, and a piece of bread. With corn. You know, just like we Yankees like it.

  9. Tomm–did you ever eat at Jonathan’s? Akemi and I went to the one in Harajuku during our last day in Tokyo and it was really good. I had pork katsu and a parfait! I’m down with the “ring doorbell for service” thing, too.

  10. I just hope you don’t use the stock iPod headphones. Those are a prescription for pain and awful sound quality.

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