Sleepy in Seattle

My import version of Final Fantasy III DS just arrived. But it doesn’t matter! I haven’t even had time to touch Scurge: Hive this week with everything else that’s been going on! My work gaming backlog will soon rival my personal gaming backlog! (I think it’s approx. 150 titles at this point.) And I certainly won’t be catching up with anything this weekend since I will be at PAX.

If you’re at the event this weekend and see some dude in a 1UP-branded jacket weeping quietly as he wanders through the crowds, that’s probably me. It could be my doppelganger, though, so you should keep your distance just in case. He’s dangerous.

Anyway, maybe I will see some of you at PAX. Maybe I won’t. Life is a crapshoot like that.

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  1. “It could be my doppelganger, though, so you should keep your distance just in case. He’s dangerous.”

    Milo Thatch? He seems meek enough.

  2. “It could be my doppelganger”
    Good to know. I might have thought it was Michael Stipe, circa 1983. :-)

  3. “I’m too fat and bald to be mistaken for either”
    Good thing you have a girlfriend then, because I hear bald men with [videogame journalism] jobs and no money who live with their [Xbox360] don’t approach strange women.

  4. I haven’t had quite as much trouble with the backlog thing since I stopped purchasing so many games. I still buy too many as it is, but for the most part I’m getting more enjoyment out of them. In years past it was like I would just be getting into a game when something else I was interested in came out and the circle went unbroken. Man, it’s a wonder I ever finished–let alone made a significant dent in–any of those games.
    Say hello to your doppelganger for me. And I think he owes me money!

  5. Going to PAX? Somehow it seems like internet entities like Toastyfrog and Tycho&Gabe coming into contact with each other should make at least a small portion of the universe implode or something. Try not to shake hands, just in case.

  6. Don’t overlook Rune Factory! I’m afraid Final fantasy III DS has overshadowed this great game. I hope Natsume or Atlus localizes it in the future.

  7. tycho’s actually a big toasty fan. it was strangely recursive to see them together at e3.

  8. Rune Factory has been entrusted to the gentle hands of one Ray Barnholt, who will undoubtedly give the game the love it deserves. I would like to play it in English, as “Harvest Moon, but with killin'” sounds like one of the better high concepts around.

  9. Have fun at PAX. We have a guy going and will be making an ass of himself probably. He has an old fedora which will have a PRESS tab in it.

    Anyways, 150 is a pretty respectable backlog. I recommend just admitting to yourself you will never play more than 1/3 of them and moving on in life. Or something. I recently did that when my backlog hit about 70. I just told myself I wasn’t going to play most of them and put them on the shelf for finished games in alphabetical order.

  10. Penny Arcade: The Game. Developed by Tate Interactive (Kao the Kangaroo).
    “Guide Gabe and Tycho through a series of exciting levels as they attempt to rescue thier lady-friends. 2-player co-op play included. Retailing for $19.99 for PS2, GBA, DS, PSP, and XBox.”

  11. “Penny Arcade: The Game. Developed by Tate Interactive (Kao the Kangaroo).”

    Wow, Kao the Kangaroo. People with pedigrees that nice are usually the kind of people who say, “Eh? Pedigree? That the thing where they pretty up yer toenails?”

  12. That doesn’t sound so bad. Looking over a few sites, it seemed at first like they were a renamed Titus, but Titus just acted as publisher for them. Plus, it seems they’re working on the new PSP Asterix game, which looks promising.

    Their site claims they’re the only (console software?) developer operated out of Poland (no jokes), and are basically made up of 15 people. So naturally they’re going to be nearly unheard of. I’m kind of rooting for them to pull something good off; if nothing else because every since online gaming hit consoles decent 2 player coop games have become a dying breed.

  13. In case it wasn’t clear, Raroo was joking. PA Adventures isn’t really being developed by the Kao people. After talking to the devs I have confidence in the quality of this venture.

  14. Artoon? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………

    * catches breath *


    I saw a dozen new FFV Advance screenshots associated with PAX. Is it really playable over there?

  15. Oh, but I honestly didn’t believe the Artoon part. I just needed an excuse to (fake) flip out like that. I guess I should’ve typed in a j/k or something like that.

    Anyways, great to hear that FF5A is turning out better. Although I don’t remember FF5 looking inferior to FF4.

  16. Pssst. Jeremy. Escape From Monkey Island was the one Monkey Island that *wasn’t* using the 2D SCUMM engine, but the 3D GRIME engine.

  17. Zomg.

    I’m pretty sure I saw you at the Exhibition Room on a DS playing Starfox or something. After conspicuously staring for about a dozen seconds, I contemplated saying, “Hey, you really look like Jeremy Parish!” but I get cold feet whenever I’m in the presence of holy beings.

    But I’ve come within two feet of Toastyfrog. I feel so honored.

    And I hate you for that.

  18. but I get cold feet whenever I’m in the presence of holy beings.”
    Between that and the pic Kishi uploaded, I think it’s only a matter of time before a certain game journalist needs to get bodyguards.

  19. Fame is the penalty for those who have the strength of conviction to say that FF7 is, maybe, not as great as some would believe. Though you may suffer this stardom, we will not have to suffer bad games; he gave his extra life so that we may live. As it is written in the Book of Metroidvania, whatever and ever, amen.

  20. This just in: My 4-year-old brother beats Gunstar Green in Gunstar Super Heroes in Normal mode (something I failed to do in my first attempt) and half of the Mavericks in Mega Man X. This means one of two things:
    a) I should be proud.
    b) Videogames are so dumb even little kids can beat them.

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