Metroid Dread? Meh, who needs it.

Holy crap. Scurge: Hive actually exists, and on top of that it actually has a publisher. I know this for a fact because EGM just handed me the reviewable DS ROM of the game. I probably am not allowed to say any more about it (print/online embargoes and all that) but I am seriously looking forward to seeing whether this lives up to my expectations (i.e., the Metroid game Nintendo hasn’t bothered to create). The GBA demo cart they gave us last summer was brilliant and I think I will take it personally if the full game fails to deliver.

Oh, also, while I appreciate the constant messages of support I’ve been receiving over the past couple of weeks due to the very silly flare-up over Ultimate Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins, they’re honestly not necessary. It’s hard to take seriously an outpouring of personal attacks and sheer ad hominem viciousness over something as meaningless as a number, and I certainly haven’t. On the other hand, as for those inquiries about the shirt I was wearing on last week’s 1UP Show — sure, I’ll make you one. I don’t want to get into the T-shirt selling business, though, so the process will be slightly inconvenient for you (thus preventing it from becoming a valid business model). Email for deets, as the kids say.

P.S. — If you’re not sure why you should be excited about Scurge: Hive, please refer to this immaculately-crafted preview from E3 2005 to whet your appetite appropriately.

Finally, my video editing debut is now online. The horror.

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  1. What shirt was that, exactly? my internet connection (currently two thumbtacks stuck into an orange) precludes me watching the 1upshow anymore.

  2. Finally! After months of Supposed release dates coming and going, we have comfirmation of it’s existance!

    I was starting to lose hope.

  3. Serious question: Was Metroid Dread ever anything more than a passing mention on a list of E3 games from an issue of Game Informer? Beyond those two words in one magazine, I have never heard anything concrete, in any regard whatsoever, regarding Metroid Dread. Everyone talks about it as though it were a canceled game, but, as far as I can tell, it never existed, period. Am I wrong? Is there more to it than this?

  4. Dread was on a Nintendo-distributed list of DS titles that was handed out before E3 2005. I saw the thing myself. Anything beyond that is sheer speculation.

  5. What’s been the hold up with Scurge, anyways? I was looking forward to it last year when I first heard about it and then it sort of just fell of the radar. Not that I’m complaining it’s back or anything.

  6. I believe the shirt in question consists of a hand “flipping the bird,” as the kids say, above a simple “4.5”

  7. YES! I was hoping that Scurge would see the light of day. I wonder if Juka will make it out, too. And XS Games (yikes) is resurrecting The Red Star, which is pretty cool. I remember playing a demo a few years back and it seems like a cool run ‘n gun shooter.

  8. “DS ROM?” By that I’m guessing that the “GBA +” status has been axed for a completely DS-designed game?

    Sheer madness. Might we actually see Shantae 2 before PSP2/GameBoyCube come out, too?

    Weird thing–I could swear I actually saw Juka print ads.

  9. Let me know when GameRankings shapes the underlying fabric of the universe and we’ll talk.
    Juka actually came out in the UK and a few US pubs even reviewed it before the company went all comatose. Apparently Orbital fell on hard times or something, but they’ve clearly found a publisher now. And I’m pretty sure Scurge is still on GBA, too.

  10. jparish: Now I’m very confused: Scurge is on the DS as well as GBA, or it’s only the GBA but they sent the review copy on a DS card (cartridge? wafer?).
    Mister Raroo: Is The Red Star that Xbox game that never got a publisher, or am I thinking of something else? I remember some kind of side scrollish (though of course still 3D) shooter (possibly puncher as well, I can’t remember) on an OXM demo disc long ago that never got picked up, dare I hope that’s what you’re referring to?

  11. Why does it sound like someone is constantly snorting something in the video? Otherwise, very cool.

  12. Scurge started out as a GBA game but Orbital announced a second (DS) version ages ago. It’s the GBA game with a map on the bottom, basically.
    There are some audio problems with the podcast due in large part to the Skype element. Nadia needs to remind her cat to be quieter next time. I imagine this will be endemic to the project for as long as it runs, since it’s very difficult to control the sound environment of people outside the studio. I’m willing to make the tradeoff to keep the remote interface element, though.

  13. “Is The Red Star that Xbox game that never got a publisher, or am I thinking of something else?”
    I know it was at least a PS2 game once, but regardless it was a shooter (kind of like Neo Contra in gameplay) that was based on a comic. Acclaim was going to publish it until they went kaput. Then it fell through the cracks–finished but without a publisher.

  14. Its good to know you guys aren’t having coke parties while filming these things ;)
    The video editing is really nice on this one. And of course there HAD to be a shot of Bionic Commando.

  15. Great video. There’s just something about retro games that makes me happy, so a whole “vodcast” on retro games is simply awesome, and extremely interesting. I almost wish I could be there with you guys and talk about the stuff. Being a Metroid fanboy, that first episode was excellent. Donkey Kong ehhh not so much but it could still be interesting, and FF3j discussion could be great. Thinking about episodes on Castlevania, Dragon Quest, the Mother series (aka the best RPG series of all time), and of course the Mario series (just to name a few) makes me excited.

  16. Oh and also I thought the editing was really good. It’s really easy to be harsh on your own creations until they are perfect, but I can tell you from someone who just wants to have a good time viewing a roundtable that the editing was very well done (I even payed more attention to it since you kept talking about it).

  17. Thinking about episodes on Castlevania, Dragon Quest, the Mother series
    I was also thinking about maybe covering some stuff that isn’t Nintendo-related. But thanks for the props.

  18. That Retronauts thing was pretty cool and I look forward to more, but you must realize how dangerous it is having all of you together in one room like that. If the place was attacked, who would be left to, you know… care about bionic commando or weird, obscure DS games? Kotaku? Yeah, the world deserves better than that, man.

  19. Yeah, my cat’s going in the oven next time.

    Well, okay, the bedroom. I’ll try it once.

    I had a cold during the recording so I think I sniffed once or twice, but I think what I’m hearing is just general feedback from the mic itself. It’s a good mic. Too good for its own … good. Great editing on the podcast, I am tres impressed and I look forward to future contributions wherein I will practise more noise-cancelling techniques and pass them on to future generations.

  20. I didn’t notice any noises, and the editing was fine. It definately had your touches. Overediting would spoil what is otherwise a really casual vibe. It reminds me of conversations I’ve had with friends, I wanted to jump right in even though I never followed the Metroid series very closely. The only game I ever finished 100% was Super Metroid and I was never able to finish Prime (yeah, the backtracking killed it). So I’m not any kind of expert. But it was very insightful. I liked the guy (I’m terrible with names) who had never played a Metroid game before Prime, and then went out and bought Super Metroid and loved it. It gives me hope that no matter where a franchise may go wrong, the center still remains. I wonder how much my love of certain games is based on nostalgia, in this case it is reassuring that, yes, Metroid is good. Which I suppose is the point of Retronauts, seperating the game from the mushy feelings you have of the game. There is a lot of potential in this series, good job.
    Also, I don’t hate Metroid 2 for it’s arbitrary level advancement, I hate it for it’s sticky controls and floaty jumps. And as you mention the level design is crummy. You might think with a Samus sprite that large, the levels could make you feel claustrophobic, but instead it feels cramped and stiff.

  21. Between the new Retronauts series, the 1up show, and several of the other podcasts, videocasts, plogs and whatever else, I found myself asking “how do these guys get it so right when everyone else (*cough*G4*cough*ign) get it so, so wrong?”
    And I think Michael nailed it. “It reminds me of conversations I’ve had with friends, I wanted to jump right in.”
    Cheers! Great job!

  22. That was pretty good! I’m impressed that you recorded and/or stole all of that video to interspurse in there. I’m glad that at least one person was there to call you out for putting down the not-too-shabby that is Metroid 2. Metroid 2 rocks and don’t you forget it.


  23. Awesome! This news totally and completely makes my day. I’ve been waiting for this game years or so.

    I haven’t seen the podcast yet, but if there’s any way I can help with the video editing, let me know. That’s my focus in my film major, I’d like to think I don’t totally suck at it. However, you’re probably doing stuff on mac software, which can be terrifying for a serious video without their pro editin software.

    True story: I edited an entire TV show pilot for the university tv station entirely in iMovie. *shudders*

  24. Jeremy, I hope this isn’t asking too much, but do you think when you guys get this up & running as a podcast, you could also publish an audio-only version? My mp3 player doesn’t support video, and I’m sure there are others who might appreciate this. Just an idea.

  25. I would like to see an episode devoted to Capcom specific games (Ghouls and Ghosts, Golden Axe, Final Fight, etc.).

  26. I really liked it. While I like the 1up Show, this round-table format is more interesting to me. Even though I’m not the biggest Donkey Kong fan, I’ll probably still tune in next time to hear what everyone has to say.
    A few side notes:
    1) Listening to you guys made me feel like the only person alive to beat Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (and 100% at that). What’s up with that?
    2) I think I disliked Metroid Fusion more than Metroid 2. While decidedly flawed, I found it slighly more accessible than the first game (Seriously, how could you complain about repetitive backgrounds after Metroid 1? At least Metroid 2 only had a monochrome screen to work with.), and it was the first game in the series with any story to speak of other than “It’s a girl!”
    3) I vote for a show on the Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle series. And how Sega of America apparently hates it, removing it from Sonic Gems and excluding the games from their new collection.

  27. schmidt: Yep, that’s the one.
    Juka hit Europe, eh? Hmmm… I wonder how it fared. And where is Racing Gears Advance 2? The first one was rad as hell (along with Karnaaj Rally–by the way, where is EGM’s “Whoops, we goofed by putting it in ‘The Rest of the Crap’ but we’ll review it in the next issue!” review? DAN HSU IS TEH LIE!!1!).

  28. I just wish that Metroid conversation could have gone on three times longer than it did. That’s my kind of stupidity.

  29. I love when podcasters ramble and get silly, seriously. I wish you didn’t cut it off. It was like a minute away from a Metroid Rasta joke.

  30. “1) Listening to you guys made me feel like the only person alive to beat Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (and 100% at that). What’s up with that?”

    I did it, too. …Brother? =O Oh, but hey, Parish, if you can find some way to work Xexyz into a future Retronauts video, I may explode with glee and jubilation.

  31. Wow, that was really enjoyable. I’m with Kishi and pretty much everyone else, that could’ve gone on for a good long while longer and my joy would only have increased.

    I’d love to see a Panzer Dragoon retrospective some time, however far fetched the idea might be.

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