So maybe when you get Skype and pass your user name along it should be, you know, not in public comment fields. Not that most people are probably excessively concerned about privacy in a program they’ll rarely use, but it never hurts to avoid laying bare your secrets to the creepily invasive eyes of the Internet. (See Figure 1.)

Anyway, as several people guessed I’m launching a sort of retro-game-oriented podcast kind o’ thing at 1UP and I want it to be very inclusive — which means getting the public involved. Our first topic will be a tangent derived from Nadia’s completely great Metroid 20th anniversary retrospective, and the seating chart is already full up. But do get yourself an account and let me know your user name, along with topics you might possibly enjoy discussing. And maybe brush up on your oratory skills.

Also, the cat’s apparently out of the bag, so I can mention the Double Splendid News: BUMPY TROT 2. Oh yes.

22 thoughts on “Himitsu

  1. A podcast hosted by Toasty? Sweet!

    Do you need my social security? It’s xxx-xx-xxxx.

  2. Being an internet tentacle, I fear no public access to my innermost Skypeings. Or something.

  3. Doesn’t Skype eventually become self aware and send robots from the future back in time to kill us anyway?

  4. Those are the greatest bolded words ever typed. I just hope there’s a little more dungeon action in 2. 3 just wasn’t enough for me…

  5. Except, scott, that we want Irem to make bags of money so they can afford to continue producing a steady stream of Bumpy-Trot-quality material.

    Though I suppose it could work out fine if someone just donated bags of money to Irem so that they could in turn distribute free awesomeness to us. Yeah. Who’s got a million bucks handy? Bueller?

  6. I so happy to hear the news, Jeremy. You folks at 1up put out some excellent audio and video. Congratulations and I hope I can come up with a topic or two in future for you.

  7. I noticed and was somewhat annoyed by a small number of extremely minor factual discrepancies in that Metroid feature. Is it possible I’m too nerdy to participate?

  8. The awesomest part of the writing process comes two days after publication, when you get to hear about how everyone else and their labrador retriever could’ve done it so much better than you.

  9. You’re never too nerdy for this. If you start Comic Book Guy-ing, you’ll serve as a perfect target of derision for us.

  10. Slackers! 1up is totally copying The Gamer’s Quarter:


    I should also use this promotional opportunity to promote our Podcast on Half Life 2, which is due out on Monday. Be forewarned that doing Skype Podcasts with a person who has a crummy Mic creates some crazy Echo for everyone. We learned this the hard way, as you’ll discover on Monday.
    Oh noes, spolierz!
    Also… If you’re interesting in adding me to your list so I can get in on one of these you can probably guess my Skype name (hint, it’s the name I use everywhere). Tentacles away!


  11. Actually, I don’t think I will be discovering that echo on Monday. Oh noes, failed promotions!

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