Contact is pretty much what I expected

Which is a good thing, but still….

Have you no shame, Mr. Hulett? Have you at last no shame?

(Sorry about the crappy photo quality — all I had on me at the time was my cell phone.)

Edit: Given the general sense of “Wow I’ve never heard of this but suddenly I am interested!” that seems to be accompanying links to this image, may I recommend you learn all about the game with the world’s greatest Contact preview?

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  1. But if you got a preview copy of Contact, any wording or translations doodads you might have a squabble with may be ironed out in the final version. When I got a preview copy of Steambot Chronicles, when you gave Connie a donut she would say, “I love Donut!” Mr. Hulett said that was fixed in the final version. –Cary

  2. I love it. And to think, all those times I played Metal Gear Online with him, I was playing side-by-side with a genius.

  3. Oh come on… I had the chance to make the most CURRENT parody game of all time. Tell me you wouldn’t take that chance.

  4. Let me clarify. It’s shameless… but stupendous. I’ve never seen such efficient game-meme-to-game in-joke abuse before.

  5. so does this mean we can expect this little gem in the final versioin (note: this will solidify my desire to purchase the game)

  6. Huh. So, only about a year behind schedule, it finally dawns on me that Tomm-of-Toasty-forums == Tomm-of-Atlus-localization. Now that it’s blatantly obvious. Anyway, currently lovin’ the Bumpy Trot dialogue. Keep it up.

    (And perusing the Atlus site shows me that Nich is also working there these days. I think I sort of knew that, maybe?)

  7. How many Tomm’s do you know who spell their names with two M’s?

    Yes Scott, that’s final text.

  8. Um, I can’t read that screenshot at all. Can someone clue me in as to what it says?

  9. It’s the part at the bottom that is significant. It reads, “Try to hit his weakpoint for massive damage! =)”

    I know this is a reference to something I’ve seen or read once, but it totally eludes me as to what it is at the moment.

  10. There’s a video out there of Sony’s E3 press conference where some pencilneck is showing off Genji 2, “based on authentic battles in Japanese history…so here’s this giant crab; try to hit his weakpoint for massive damage!” Goofy and fundamentally clueless…the Internet’s favorite brand of humor.

  11. the only part anyone should rememer from that video is ‘RIIIII~IIIIIIGE RAAAAAAAAAACER!’ its only repeated about umpteen times in the stupid thing.

  12. Maybe I’ve been missing something all these years, but when did Ridge Racer become a big selling point for Sony? Isn’t Ridge Racer pretty much the worst game franchise of all time?

  13. Just want to tell ya … This minimizing of the site design has no purpose as long as other sites are hotlinking to your images. I see’s front page is leeching the massive_damage-pic directly from your server.

    I hear there is some stuff you can do with your .htaccess file, though …

  14. Ha! Nice catch. I was planning to change the image file name around to prevent that sort of thing, but this speed the process along a bit.

  15. I thought Tomm would have some weird accent of some sort seeing as he has two Ms in his name and all (I figured he was was totally Euro or something)… but I was more shocked to find out that he doesn’t talk at all! He actually “talks” only in text! There’s a little LCD monitor hanging from a chain around his neck that displays his dialogue. It’s kind of creepy.

  16. “Maybe I’ve been missing something all these years, but when did Ridge Racer become a big selling point for Sony? Isn’t Ridge Racer pretty much the worst game franchise of all time?”

    We also have the E3 Sony conference to thank for that, specifically when Kaz introduced the original PS1 Ridge Racer running on PSP. “It’s Ridge Racer! Riiiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!”

  17. The essence of translation DNA is real change. Five hundred and ninety nine dollars. Five hundred and ninety nine dollars. Giant enemy crab.

  18. So, what *is* up with the two Ms, anyway? I’d like to believe it has to do with a young clerk trying to type “Tom” on a birth certificate and the M key stuck, causing “Tomm” to be typed. Cue a series of comical events and it-just-so-happens moments and voila! we have Tomm adopted as the official name by his parents.

  19. “I wanted this game so bad, but from this shot I don’t think I’m going to get it.

    Nice translation job there, Atlus. -_-” By the way, that’s officially lame if you’re being serious and you actually let comical in-joke like this stop you from getting a game. Tomm put in something that, even over time, is fairly subtle and wouldn’t have as much cultural dating as, say, Paula Abghoul. When you have the ability to localize a game as well as Tomm can (see: Steambot Chronicles), then you can criticize.

  20. Regarding Phoenix Wright in the preview; correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t that actually sell all the stock available? The problem wasn’t that the game was unpopular but that Capcom had estimated a low popularity level, which is why it became unavailable in the US. There was something on their site for a while (it may be there) about how they’re planning to ship out new stocks of Phoenix Wright soon to cover the demand. Here in the UK too, Phoenix Wright has been a best-seller according to the charts of some of the online stores I buy from.


    I wouldn’t say that Phoenix Wright is a polar opposite of Katamari Damacy when it comes to popularity, opposedly I’d say that it’s right up there with Katamari Damacy. As I said though, the common misconception that the game didn’t do too well seems to derive from an error made on Capcom’s part. Again, I could be wrong, I totally could be. This is just what I recall.


    As for this intriguing little slice of gaming weirdness named Contact, it appeals to me. In fact, I tend to play MMOs primarily because of the weird skills. I like to fish, I’m odd like that. What really strikes me as strange though is the whole karma thing. They had the balls to introduce karma? Most developers (especially Western developers) are complete weenies / pansies (cross out as applicable) when it comes to actually punishing a player for wrongdoings. That’s something that I’m often heard clammouring for in both single-player games and MMOs. It seems that the Western civilization is comprised of serial killers and kleptomaniacs as far as the popular opinion concerning criminal acts in games is concerned.


    A game with an in-built policing system that rewards people who actually don’t bother to commit criminal acts? Hell, that’s novel. I’d buy the game to support that factor alone. I really would.

  21. Contact looks like a very interesting game, but with the absolute rush of A-list titles coming this fall I don’t know if I can afford to get it. Of course, since it’s being released by Atlus if I don’t get it instantly I’ll never find it again, so… A very hard choice.

  22. That is a very silly amount of text responding to a single sentence of a very old preview. Note the date: at the time, Phoenix Wright had not yet proven itself a cult hit.
    As for purchasing decisions, I’ve learned to snap up niche games along with the few A-list titles I have to own. Especially from small pubs.

  23. Of course it’s a silly amount of text, if there’s anything worth saying it’s usually worth saying in almost indecipherable and babblesome paragraphs of pointless yammering. At least if one is feeling rather self-indulgent, anyway.

    Regarding the date, fair enough. I don’t know enough to say more on the topic, I’m not aware of how Phoenix Wright was viewed at the time. It was simply an assumption that the article was new since you’d linked it in a recent blog post. That was a bad assumption admittedly and one day I’ll learn the merits of not making ill-informed assumptions. Unfortunately not today though, apparently.

    … and hopefully I can get this to come out in proper paragraphs without having to line it with genuine ASCII characters, though this should work.

  24. Rowne–I’m shocked to report that Westerners are NOT, in fact, criminals by nature. I actually TOLD friends of mine to play Steambot Chronicles from the “jerk” perspective, because it was funnier. Not a single one of them did, all eventually informing me “I try to play the good guy in games like this.”

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