14 thoughts on “Sketchblog Returns

  1. I don’t remember buckets having a big role in “Cat’s Cradle,” but my memory could be faulty.

    I loved Vonnegut’s books about ten years ago. A couple of weeks ago I tried to read through “Galapagos” and couldn’t stand it by about seven chapters in.

  2. I had a couple videogame related dreams that are really vivid and I’m sure will be ripped off by Nintendo once they learn how to channel my thoughts. The first was a Wario Ware microgame that had a Japanese businessman squatting over a bucket and reading the paper. You had to press “A” to make him raise his exposed ballsack before his family members could hit it. The second was a 2D Mario game that had a Mario World-like sprite of a “regular”-sized Mario. He ran into a Metroid-looking area and, sure enough, creepy Metroid music starts up and he has to jump his way out of the Metroids’ lairs before they can get him. (Sorry about the Wario image, by the way).

  3. I’m pretty sure Cat’s Cradle used the word “Chinaman” as a code word for “bucket.” And yeah, Vonnegut is very much a college thing, along with blacklight posters and Led Zeppelin. Once you get that degree, it’s just sort of embarrassing.

  4. College students are some of the most annoying patrons at the public library I work at. They often beat out many other competing groups for the coveted “Most Annoying” spot, such as the mentally ill, screeching children (and parents who do nothing about it), and the smelly variety of homeless. Question: why are they trying to do academic research at a public library branch instead of their own university library? Hmmm…

  5. Slaughterhouse 5 has a great title. Haven’t a clue of what the hell it is about, though.

  6. Slaughterhouse 5 is about the picture of the locket between two boobs that caused so much mirth in my childhood

  7. Yeah, I think I’m officially insane, because even after reading the text and all the comments, the only thing on my mind is “which little kid is Li’l Jeremy?”

  8. I read lots of Vonnegut in middle school and high school. But then again, I was always a little weird.

    So, it was a rocket-powered bucket? That’s pretty cool!

  9. Yeah, well Capcom’s already ripped off the dream I had for the Breath Of Fire series. Jerks.

    P.S. Just kidding Capcom. You know we love you. Well then again, you haven’t released another Megaman Legends or Breath of Fire game in who knows how long. Jerks, indeed.

  10. Fletch: I’m more insane than you are. I can discern the mouthless figure with eyeglasses on the left, but I can’t for the life of my make anything recognizable out of the…thing on the right.

  11. The thing on the right appears to be yet another kid at a control panel. For flying the bucket, you know.

  12. Onomarchus: I can discern both. I just keep wondering which one is our protagonist, is all.

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