It's the Chronic(WHAT)cles of… Metroid. Vania.

I’ve finally decided to get around to the task of codifying (and venerating) the entries on the Metroidvania page, starting sensibly enough from the top. The Metroid link up there no longer leads to an elderly review (circa 2002) about the version of the game packed in with Prime but instead an entirely new write-up focusing on the little tidbits that make it intrinsically… uh, Metroidvania.

(ProTip: it’s actually the same thing I posted at my 1UP Blog. I feel obligated to post something there every few days, but my heart really lies where I have a little more control over the backend and archiving, i.e. here.)

To that end, I’ve completely reorganized the Games main page, organizing things in a much more orderly fashion than the prior state of disaster. I’ve also begun dusting off some really old write-ups and editing them to be less painful to read, such as this thing on Simon’s Quest.