Second harvest

A recent referring search string for the site: “sloppy seconds fantasy.” Doesn’t seem like much of a fantasy to me, but it takes all kinds, I guess. And, it happens to be timed rather amusingly — I realized yesterday that the very first two articles I ever wrote for 1UP, back in the mists of time, have been lost to the ether. It seems they failed to make the delta migration to the current server and no longer exist. So I’ve posted them here for no real reason except that I’m a complete packrat, even with words. Sure, I tear down this site all the time, but you don’t think I actually delete things, do you? I still have writing and drawings from as far back as junior high school kicking around in various forms.

My obsessive-compulsive habits are therefore your sloppy seconds.

First, there’s this horribly overwritten thing on Boktai, which I remembered as I was writing up a brief paean to the game for my retro-blog thing. And then here’s this kind of sad atttempt at FInal Fantasy XI humor. These aren’t much fun to read and I wouldn’t really recommend trying. Mainly I’ve posted them to remind myself that I actually have grown as a writer since working here.

Granted, I’ve mostly just grown more apathetic and self-loathing, but it still works out — I write less because I don’t care, and I have fewer compunctions about throwing away massive chunks of work because I have no attachment to it. Despondency: the key to effective editing.

8 thoughts on “Second harvest

  1. *watches the tumbleweed roll by*

    I wonder what kind of Google searches the site will be included in thanks to that opening sentence.

  2. Pfft, that’s obviously not true. You’ve clearly forgotten how goofy it is to refer to yourself in the third-person.

  3. If you had to choose between a Play Station, a SNES or a NES, what would you choose and why?

  4. So, to sum up your writing/editing technique: “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care!” …Nice. ;-)

  5. Excellent. I actually remembered the FFXI article and was searching for it a few months ago, but I assumed 1UP deleted it. I even remember the disclaimer you posted shortly afterwards – “despite what I may say in the article I think Freya is cool, but Khimari can still bite me”. This was memorable to me because I agreed with it so completely.

  6. I remember the Boktai review because it convinced me not to get the game. Something about having to walk around outside looking for sun. I don’t mind doing stuff like that in my home, but I try not to take it outside. It also stopped me from getting Nintendogs; for much the same reason.

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