Capcom = UHHH

So I was skimming Kotaku in my RSS feeds and noticed a new set of Capcom figurines.

It’s a little on the icky side, yeah — apparently they’re pandering to the really hopeless otaku losers now by dressing their characters as TGS booth girls. Kinda meta, actually, since–

Wait a minute.

Is that a…?

Is that a Servbot? Dressed as…

Dressed as a booth girl?

Oh man. If being a hopeless otaku loser is wrong, I never want to be right again.

22 thoughts on “Capcom = UHHH

  1. Bwah ha ha ha. :wipes tears:

    Still, nice to see more attention to Tron and crew. Now if they can just pull together another MML game, and I’d be happy.

  2. Servebots are… girls?
    I mean, I never got to blay Misadventures, but the little guys always came off as, well, guys!

  3. I wouldn’t count on it, we’ll just get fifty thousand more tepid Battle Network games. The fanboys complain about how everything else is done to the exclusion of OMG MORE ZERO, but Battle Network is a concept from the foul pits of dispair, and has more and more become Capcom’s most stinkingly embarassing cash cow.

    Geez, I didn’t mean for that to sound so angry. I just think it’s unfair that Zero gets dumped on when he at least gives us some decent, albeit punishing, side-scrolling. Battle Network has simply become an annual Pokemon-wannabe rehash with sub-Saturday morning cartoon antics.

    Hmm, wow, that strayed pretty far from the topic post. Oh well.

  4. Ironically, Tron is less suggestive as a booth babe, seeing as her chastity belt(?) is invisible this way.

    The Zero series _is_ getting a new installment … Mega Man ZX for the DS bumps the story a few hundred years into the future since Zero 4, but the hardcore side-scrolling is pretty much intact.

  5. I still don’t get it. Tron’s popular enough to make merchandise out of, and to appear in cameos, but not enough to get another game? I think the american marketplace is the exact opposite mindset.

  6. For the record, according to Inafune at E3, it sounds like MMBN6 may well be the last of that series…

    …we need Matilda as a booth babe.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  7. Awesomes. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see when these are available in lots of less than a dozen for $90….

  8. Capcom: “Please, somebody like Ingrid! I know we lost the SF team and we haven’t created a good original fighting game character since Gouki, but look, she’s blond and demure and stuff!”

    Ironically, the best thing to come out of the Battle Network series was the totally retro Network Transmission, which is kind of like the old NES games but it kicks your butt harder and relies on a more confusing inventory system. I’d buy the creepy Tron and the servbot if it meant we might see a MoTB sequel, though.

  9. Torgo: I liked Battle Network until Crapcom decided to go the Pokemon route and release two carts for every sequel. It would be nice to get a Mega Man 9 game, though, since I’d like to know what happened to him since he got trashed by Wily in the last game.

    Andrew: I wish Capcom actually released the PS2 Jojo here.

  10. This is completely unrelated to your post, but I just wanted to say that you might want to check out Chuck Klosterman’s latest column in Esquire. In it, he proposes that video games are our generation’s predominant artistic idiom, but that there are no “true” game critics. I won’t lie; I’d like for you to read it just so I can read your response.

  11. Is it wrong that it just occured to me that Kobun is the only one not in a cute/sexy pose? and that it must be rectified somehow? I conclude that I’ve been on the internets too long.

  12. “For the record, according to Inafune at E3, it sounds like MMBN6 may well be the last of that series…

    One can only hope…

  13. The print ad I read for BN6 also said it was the last in the series. It also said something about legendary beasts being released onto the internet, which I thought was extra stupid.

    It will most likely retun at some point. It is a Capcom franchise.

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