Worst Ending #3

I know, I know, obvious joke that’s already sort of been done before. I’m just covering my bases here. The sooner I work through this odd “Worst Ending” fixation I have the sooner it’ll all be over and we can move along to happier experiences.

33 thoughts on “Worst Ending #3

  1. I’ll say it again: take as long as you want on these, they’re hilarious.
    Also, it’s much more clever than anything I’D expected, so you’re ahead there. (That’s a compliment, I swear, no matter how backhanded it sounds. I can’t make it any better at 1:30 AM.)

  2. The only other place I’ve seen the “awkward date with Samus” scenario is Penny Arcade, and aside from descriptions of penis-pinching suit hatches, their version was pretty straightforward. This version takes the concept a good amount further with the fact that the guy can’t get Samus out of her suit because he didn’t play hardcore enough to get the swimsuit ending. Plus, it totally garners empathy from the target reader; we were all in his position, figuratively or otherwise, at some point before our skills sharpened.

  3. Mr. Parish, stop demeaning your work, or I will be forced to pay you a compliment. And nobody wants that.

  4. As Kishi said, the only other place I’ve seen a strip like this is PA, and it is pretty similar. The punch line is much different, though.

    And better.

  5. Good punchilne. It’s also reassuring that if I ever get a date with Samus, I’d be in a better spot than Mike! XD

  6. I think we all know by this point that I’m not the best judge of my own work. The only stuff I ever like is the stuff everything thinks is crap.
    “I also like that you colored each panel instead of just copying/pasting the color layer.” I’m not completely lazy… yet.

  7. If not for the clear view of Samus’s nose in the first panel, I’d claim that her face looks a lot like Toastyfrog.

  8. Parish, It’s been forever since I’ve been here, I admit. I’m looking for a group that used to haunt toastyfrog.com as well as the forum that seems to be dead now. They started their own site/forum/chat room called REO. If you have any information on them, I’d like it. It was put together by Elly but was soon left by him to be run by several others whose screen names I’ve long forgotten. If you can’t give me any information, that’s alright. If you can give me information, I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Joy

  9. Clever joke! I chuckled!
    And good job on the shadows, especially in the first panel.

  10. I agree with the Pontificator. When I read this comic I figured you could probably make it a ‘worst ending +’ if there was a toasty frog head lurking under that helmet. I blame the green visor.

  11. For anyone else who needs help, a bit of Google search can turn up the relevance of the address. I have to admit, it was a bit too old-school geeky even for me. Well done.

  12. It might have been that this was the first jokey allusion to the time based Metroid ending(s) I’ve ever come across, but that was hilarious. And I also caught the 6502 reference.

  13. From my experience half of the Samus fandom would protest her being portrayed as someone who would go on a date. Because, and i quote, “Samus is a hard, battle-scarred bounty hunter who never smiles”. Samus fanboys scare me.

  14. I think the “hanging out in a bar in her underwear while making sexy eyes” ending of Zero Mission pretty much discredits the hell out of that notion.

  15. Personally, I was thinking the strip would end with Samus taking off the helmet and the date exclaiming in utter shock “You’re… you’re a guy!?”

  16. “Sexy eyes”? I sure as hell hope not, I’m pretty sure that’s a Chozo under that cloak.

    Then again, she did spend most of her teenage years around the race…

    “Mike, would you mind if me and your African Grey parrot had some … time alone?”

  17. I can understand how a date took that long, but dare I ask what exactly he failed to collect about 37% of?

  18. Ah, it doesn’t matter. Someone from REO emailed me after reading this and told me it was dead. Elly was a guy from Italy that was a fun-whore.

  19. lmao.

    My biography would be quite a bit less interesting than “fun whores and toasty frogs.” I’ve always said, “Parish pleases us all.”

  20. Yay! You made the comic! I wasn’t actually serious about the concept, but you pulled it off well. Nice.

  21. That’s quite worthy of being cube art there, Mr. Parish. Not that any of my philistine coworkers will get it, of course, but I’ll get a chuckle out of it every time I see it.

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