Time to make your sad face :(

Guys, terrible news: the Tingle RPG still exists. And based on the screenshots it’s both creepy and a little revolting.

I mean, really, I feel a little sick just looking at it.

Needless to say, I’m going to do everything in my power to get that localization opening at Nintendo’s Treehouse — I so totally want my name in the credits of a game this emotionally scarring.

35 thoughts on “Time to make your sad face :(

  1. Tingle is getting his own —-ing game?! When the —- did Hell freeze over, and how did I miss the mountains of jagged ice thrusting from it’s foul maw, towering above Earth’s sky?!

  2. Wow, imagine if these scans had hit on 6/6/06? I might have believed the world was ending. Although that might still happen if we get this game instead of Mother 3.

  3. After further research, I am sad to see that gameplay does not revolve around picking fresh Tingles.

  4. Hey, but look at it this way- it’ll finally be our first chance to “accidentially” kill Tingle over and over again. The worst you could do to him before was inconvience him by popping that balloon.


    I couldn’t be more happy about a game that looks to explore the origins of (arguably) Nintendo’s most popular and widely-accepted mascot character.

  6. You’d better start liking Smash Brothers then, Parish, otherwise you can pretty much forget about landing that gig.

  7. and dude, where do you look to find out about localization gigs? /in dire need of a career move…

  8. So THAT’S where the Viewtiful Joe artists went. The game will consist of Tingle pimping his way across Hyrule. The picture is Mitzy, your first girl. Charge Link for information on the criminal underworld. But beware, Gannon is one john you don’t want to cross.

  9. Nintendo will like, have to make the BEST GAME EVAR out of this to justify itself.

  10. Tingle was ok in Majora’s Mask. A bit creepy, sure, but he provided a non-essential service for a relatively affordable cost. However, in Wind Waker he was a horrible, horrible person. Jailed for crimes unknown, he enslaves family members to keep his tower running, and forces them to wear versions of his costume. He charges you a fortune for his MAD MAP READING SKILLZ which are essential to finish the game.

  11. Think of the educational games you could make! “Tingle Teaches Tolerance (and Typing)” could be award-winning material.

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