The coming robot apocalypse

Oh crap guys, Steambots are real and they’re a lot scarier than in the videogame.

I was disappointed that the “exclusive” LocoRoco preview Sony sent us yesterday was actually just the GDC/E3 demo that everyone has already played to death. Everyone except me, that is. I hadn’t realized how fluidly the game moves. I also didn’t realize that the LocoRoco sings in time to the background music, and when you break the big blob apart the little blobs chant “Hey! Hey!” as a sort of background chorus. Genius.

Also: confidential to John Allison: When you finally get around to making the Scary-Go-Round videogame the world has been clamoring for, be sure to hire the LocoRoco team to create it for you. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

And now, back to watching the mail eagerly for Scott Pilgrim 3.

POST SCRIPT: I’ve started reposting those 1UP blog entries on the Mario series here on the site as the Mariothon, because, well, that’s pretty much what it is. And this way you don’t have to dig through the inscrutible mess that is a 1UP blog archive to find them.

9 thoughts on “The coming robot apocalypse

  1. Just wait till you get enough little tiny blobs, and they’ll all start chanting what sounds a lot like “Loooooooco Roooooooooco.” Curse society for not equipping me with the means to handle such unfiltered cuteness.

    And I guess that song in the demo is most likely Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped me from imagining that at one point, the loco roco wistfully asks “Wonder if she’s a porridge head.”

  2. I love that Loco Roco demo! The first thing I remember telling the Missus was “OMG, he’s SINGING THE MUSIC! Awesome!” I haven’t taken that demo off my PSP since. And looking at screenshots, it looks like there are some interesting platforming elements worked into the game in other levels. Cool.

  3. Why didn’t your NSMB review mention that the enemies and powerups dance, Parish?

  4. I remember in Ultima: Ascention the town’s people wistling along with the town’s theme.

  5. And now for something completely different – does Portrait of Ruin play as awesome as the videos make it look?

  6. Better, actually! We gave it E3 DS game of the show for a reason, and it’s not just ’cause we love Igarashi’s scruffy face fuzz.

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