Super Toasty Bros.: Terror-yaki

My goal with the game is to create 120 enemies then trim it down to 45-50, plus a dozen bosses. This guy probably won’t make the cut.

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  1. Is it looking like this might be the first of a series? Or are you definitely calling it quits after this one’s done?

  2. So, afterwards can we look forward to the stupidly-expensive artbook compilation with all the seekrit lost design works? ;)

  3. “This guy probably won’t make the cut.”

    At least you didn’t put up an organge colored chicken…although you could have a Japanese Dish Level where they all could live in harmony. You could put it between the mandatory Ice Level and Sewer Level. You’re welcome to the organge chicken gag, too. :)

  4. Does this, perhaps herald the return of sprimp and mugget? Might I soon be able to hum along with sprimp’s fetor’s theme song?


  5. No! Don’t send Terror-Yaki to the trash bin! I can already picture it silently slipping and sliding on its own teriyaki sauce secretions to chomp down on unsuspecting frogs.

  6. You’re right! I sure do love HILARIOUS Internet memes!!
    As for sequels, uh, I’m not especially confident that this game project will ever actually see the light of day. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. And given the unexpected show of support for Mr. Yaki there, maybe I’ll put the enemy selection to a vote.

  7. I want to rescue King Vitamen from the clutches of Fei Fong Wong in Toasty Frog 64.

  8. I hope this does see the light of day. I’d totally love to do something like this.

  9. Terror-yaki would make an awesome shmup boss. I can even hear a voice saying “shoot it in the sauce” right when you approach it. Does anyone remember the 1st boss for Salamander 2? It was this brain that suddenly gets eaten by a huge (ultra huge) snake, maybe after shooting terror-yaki for a while a huge gigantic chinese male head could eat him and then you would have to shoot him in the core or something.

  10. King Vitaman sounds more like a good villain name to me. I don’t know why. Maybe because its name is often associated with words like “horrible” and “abomination.”

  11. If you need any help with this project……………

    Say, isn’t Terroryaki already in Mother 3?

  12. Terroryaki: inspired by the get random person to vomit up golfish minigame from Feel the Magic XX/XY? The onus is ours!

  13. Kind of reminded me of the shark in NSMB, but in that game they didn’t fit in at all. A bit too swift for the rather awkward Mario, and didn’t seem to mesh with the art style.

    You can’t go wrong with a giant enemy crab, though.

  14. Giant crab enemies are all the rage. I assume you flip it onto its back and attack its weak spot for massive damage?

  15. Instead of the flip over and kill thing for the crab, you could have the crab be impervious to damage. The only way to kill him is to push him into a giant vat of hot butter. Yeah, I’m done now.

  16. I already had plans for a giant crab, but now I am compelled to make sure it is a historically accurate giant crab.

  17. C’mon Parish, giant crabs, giant fish. You should either make a shmup or an adventure/shmup like The Guardian Legend. And, why the hell nobody has made another TGL like game is beyond me, you would not only be making a game but also rescuing the most awesome genre combination ever conceived.

  18. I still say General Sow needs to be accompanied by an evil cat named Chairman Meow.

  19. You know what metroidvania game you should look to for inspiration that I totally bet you haven’t?


    (it’s game 3 in Kirby Supertar and it is SO BEYOND WONDERFUL)

  20. Telebunny Paratroopa is making the cut and that’s all there is to be said about that.

  21. I almost feel like apologizing for putting up the link to Hell Comes to Frogtown… Almost…

  22. Mia D: YERS! Kirby Superstar is truly one of the most overlooked games on the SNES. Its genius is almost on par with Miyamoto’s stuff, and only second to Canvas Curse in the Kirby series, IMO. I know Parish has no love for the Smash Bros., but I truly believe that HAL has always been one of the greatest assets Nintendo has ever had.
    Speaking of which, I think we’re long overdue for a new Lolo game…

  23. I loved Kirby Superstar for its depth on the abilities, but I hated Kirby Superstar because Springbreeze, Dynablade, MetaKnight and Milky Way had the same 3 backgrounds over and over again. I wish these had been fused into one huge map that let you play through it in different copy modes. First time through, regular suck+crouch copy. New Game + would let you go Milky Way style. I love The Great Cave Offensive and the minigames just the way the are, though. I repeat: The Great Cave Offensive is bitchin’. ‘Nuff said.

  24. Giant Crabs are nice and all, but I think tons of Dive-Bombing Tree Crabs are even better.
    A mudskipper? I hope he doesn’t taunt us by calling us ‘lousy bums’.
    Also, will there be another “flavor” of Salmon other than Terror-Yaki? Like a palate swap. *runs away before anyone can throw anything at him*

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