I just received the phone call I’ve been dreading for the past few days, and it looks like I’ll be heading up to Michigan Thursday or Friday for a funeral. Needless to say, where E3 was all I could think about a few days ago it’s pretty much the last thing on my mind now, so I guess my musings will be cut short. Not that I was adding anything to the collective discussion, really.

Anyway, I hate to leave the site inactive since momentum and inertia are a good part of what keeps it going at all these days, so while I’m off dealing with real life I’ll be posting some preliminary monster/enemy designs for my nascent Metroidvania game.

Obviously, this is the winged form of the Telebunny. The red green ones hop and fly forward oblivious to all hazards, while the green red ones patrol a specific patch of air. But you probably knew that already.

(Man, I always get those colors mixed up.)

33 thoughts on “Interruption

  1. Oh yeah, regarding the dwelling: I meant to tell you that Parabunny looks awesome, but how can I possibly stomp something that smiles at me (and then throw its husk at at other (smiling) telebunnies)? I have limits, you know. You need to start designing some ugly, drooling critters.

  2. Maybe if he gives the a little $600 tag that hangs from one of the wings they’ll be easier to stomp on with abandon.

    Oh, and I may be behind on my SMB, but weren’t the green ones the wild-abandon variety?

  3. Yeah, as nerdy as it prolly paints us, I think Cheezer is right – red Koopas patrol and green ones keep walkin’.

  4. I’m going to have to agree on the color swap. However, Telebunny does look absolutely terrifying.

  5. You’re probably right. Any TV that comes with built in rabbit ears probably uses a dial to change channels! (Pliers not included)

  6. You should also have sad telebunnies that dash madly about. Or happy telebunnies that tread slowly and sing along a fixed path.

  7. That TV definitely wouldn’t be cable ready. And you’ll be lucky if it has more than one speaker. And it probably doesn’t have any input jacks to connect a console to it.

  8. Telebunnies are pretty basic in terms of tech, yeah. There is, however, a boss called Telebunny HD. It will rock you into the next gen.

  9. The temporary, working title is “Super Toasty Bros.” So.
    P.S., “New gen” is Nintendo’s way of refusing to apologize for failing to support HD. Kinda like how cafeteria lunch analogies are Sony’s way of refusing to apologize for sheer gougery.

  10. Condolences.

    So will the boss of Super Toasty Bros. be some horrid amalgam of Xenogears/Saga?

    or is it more that the heroes are saving the land from a 7000 hour long cut scene filled videogame, which had brought civilization to a standstill?

  11. You still need to play through Cave Story.
    Those things almost look like they flew right out of the game, with their bizzare cuteness. A bit less pixilated than you get from Cave Story, though. But seriously, Cave Story already pretty much already showed that one man with an idea can make a game better than 100 game designers.

  12. “Telebunnies are pretty basic in terms of tech.” Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t expect much else out of LIVING tv sets (other than the whole living and being a tv set thing).

  13. That game is gonna be awesome. May I suggest using FreeBASIC (, FreeBASIC is awesome for making anything, and you could learn to program using a simple language to do it, learning keeps your mind distracted and in focus. Also Verge ( is ultra awesome too and contrary to popular belief it is not only for making RPGs. If I were you, I’d pick any of those two to make a game.

  14. “one man … can make a game better than 100 game designers.”

    Uh oh… we’re not living in this world already, are we?

  15. I don’t think Nintendo should apologise for Wii’s lack of HD. I’d be tempted to say this particular generation will not REALLY support HD, anyway. After all, Blu-Ray will most likely not catch on and, as I understand, Microsoft’s thingy is just an add-on (which by the same logic makes my IBM ThinkCentre actually HD compatible, provided I get a HD drive for it). The way I see it, an impossibly-hard-to-adopt format and a year-late accesory hardly make a standard.

  16. I thought “new gen” was more about the lesser power upgrade and the radically different interface that would prevent them from receiving titles that the others get?

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  17. I hate to post last; nobody reads my comments then. It’s particularly annoying because those tend to be my smarter moments. Damn my nocturnal brain!

  18. I realise that, LBD. I was just following Jeremy’s line of thought. And yes, Parish was probably jesting. As he usually does.

  19. I refuse to stomp anything with “bunny” in its name unless it’s also sporting some fangs. Preferably poisonous fangs.

  20. I thought this being the HD generation had more to do about the games being displayed in HD (which both the 360 and PS3 do) than the movie capabilities. Whether it truly matters in the long run will be up for debate, but I thought that’s what the marketing push was for.

  21. Well, that’s a good point. I kinda lost track there. I was thinking more on the PS3 and 360 as multi-entertainment devices versus Wii as a strictly gaming console angle. My bad there.

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