Here comes the flood

In thirty-five minutes, the show doors open and they let the nerdling rush commence. I can already see eager faces mooshed against the glass.

As usual, your best bet is to move to higher ground to avoid the flood.

Edit: Wow, the crush was… not so bad. They were all organized this year and let the first wave (Early Media) in an hour before the mad press of nerdflesh, giving me time to try out Castlevania, Boktai DSLunar Knights and (dreamy sigh) Yoshi’s Island 2 in relative quiet. For an extra flourish of genius, I then scrambled to Kentia Hall before the geeks arrived en masse. Since no one wants to be in Kentia on day one.

ALSO: I want to establish a rule that all developers should be as friendly and hilarious as Dragon Quest Rocket Slime’s Yoshiki Watabe. I guess maybe devs turn into caricatures of the games they create, or maybe they’re just put on projects that match their personalities, because Watabe burbled with goofy enthusiasm, which made for the single best interview I’ve ever conducted. Meanwhile, the FFXII collective (Kawazu, Yoshia, Ogawa, etc.) were sort of stony and grim. Talented, no question, but seriously intimidating.

In fairness, I think a lot of what makes for a good interview (with Japanese developers) comes down to the translators. Most of them seem to prefer quiet and generally shy women who meekly repeat your questions; Watabe had Richard Honeywood, the genius responsible for DQVIII’s excellent translation, and they clearly have a friendly working relationship. So let this be your lesson: bring along the developer’s awesome British buddies to your E3 interviews.

Anyway, even if I didn’t like Rocket Slime I’d totally have to recommend you play it just because the creator is so great. But as it happens, the game itself is pretty rad, too, so I can promote it in good conscience. I’ll have a preview up tonight… as they say in Japan, “please look forward to it.”

28 thoughts on “Here comes the flood

  1. The Missus and I will be braving it tomorrow and Friday. As for today, we’re both stuck working! We’ll try not to get too trampled tomorrow.

  2. This means your Toastroidvania game will hate on things young folk like, all cynical-ish. And the last guy will be Cloud.

  3. I don’t know what you’re going on about, but people might be mentioning Halo because of the post title “Here comes the flood”

  4. Richard Honeywell is a name I’ll be committing to memory- DQ8’s translation was the best I’ve seen in years. Has he translated anything else, and is it too much to hope that he’ll be heading up Rocket Slime?

    (Or even FFXII, longshot though it may be?)

  5. Oops, actually it’s “Honeywood.” Dur. Anyway, yeah, he’s in charge of Rocket Slime but he’s writing it “down” a bit for a younger audience. Farewell, British spellings.

  6. I wish somebody had thought of using British spelling, oh, eight games ago. I think one of the reasons that Dragon Warrior IV is still my favorite because it has the least clunky English of the NES years. Still, I think I’m not going to miss it this time around- the British spelling does sort of seem like a mismatch for a game called Rocket Slime.

    Anyway, looking forward to the game, and should you cross paths with Mr. Honeywood again, let him know he has fans.

  7. Whatever, I just want to know if Nintendo will force me to delete my 10 gigabytes of Genesis, TG-16, SNES and NES ROMS. Because, I wont.

  8. ATP: I don’t think they’ll notice. However, if they throw some goodies in the old games that add replay value, I’ll pay.

  9. At this point in time, I’m thoroughly convinced that whomever recruits Segata Sanshiro instantly wins the next gen console war.

  10. XBOX360=$600, PS3=$800, The remote possibility of a T.V. ad featuring Segata Sanshiro beating the crap out of Johnny Turbo= priceless.

  11. Can you confirm or deny the rumors going around that Solid Snake will be appearing in the Wii version of Smash Bros? It sounds pretty far out, but he was a guest start in that Hudson Smash Bros knock off that only came out in Japan.

  12. SL: I downloaded a Wii Smash Bros trailer last night featuring Snake. Looks like he’s in. (Other new fighters are Pit, Wario, MetaKnight, and Zero-suit Samus.)
    But we should probably stop discussing Smash Bros in Jeremy’s journal before he gets an allergic reaction.

  13. Cool, thanks Kirin.
    Hopefully Rocket Slime will live up to the high expectations that Jeremy is giving us for it, looks to be a pretty interesting game.

  14. OMFG! (begins praying Mike Tyson is in Wii smash bros and has an ear eat grapple throw)

  15. Why does Kohler’s blog has a graph showing that nobody cares about Wii? Why, God, why? Did everyone turn into dummies when I wasn’t loking?

  16. “Why does Kohler’s blog have a graph”, I meant. Happens a lot (I re-write a sentence, but forget to erase part of it).

  17. It’s alright. With the inability to edit our comments, I give people the benefit of a doubt around here and lok right past typos.

  18. Because Kohler probably loves tax cuts, drives a Jaguar and his real name is Steve Forbes and thinks that $800 for a console is a pretty neat idea that will very likely succeed in today’s more than successful economy. What I’m trying to say is that the console no one gives a shit righ now is the PS3. I like to call Kohler’s decease “schizophrenia”.

  19. The irony about DQ is when Eidos released the GBC ports, and used an accurate translation, fans complained about the lack of Old English scripts from the NES carts.

  20. the obvious solution is to madly start googling “wii”
    Just make sure “safe search” is turned on….

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