I think I'm burnt out on Final Fantasy guys

I wrote a whole lot about Final Fantasy yesterday. Most recently: a Final Fantasy III hands-on. You know, I could actually see them using the FFIII DS graphics engine for a Final Fantasy VII remake. After all, it’s not like there’s going to be an FFVII remake on PS3 or anything, because the guys who designed that real-time demo last year are off making FFXIII, see. But I’m sure they could pull together a team to turn it into a DS title, maybe give it a consistent graphical style all the way through, tone down the dopiness, that kind of thing. And the thought of so many shattered fanboy dreams warms my heart.

Speaking of dopiness, congratulations to Microsoft and Nintendo; Sony has just conceded the next-gen race. (Sorry, Nintendo. I meant “new gen.”) People certainly liked to rib MS for the 360 “tard pack,” but man, $300 for an underpowered machine looks like genius next to a $500 machine that manages not to incorporate any of the PS3’s actual selling points and may not in fact be upgradable. It’s not so much a tard pack as a limbless-baby-left-to-die-in-the-woods pack.

To get the full-featured system, you’ll have to shell out $600… which means retailer bundles this fall will start at $800 and probably average around $1100. Sony has just moved into what looks like a very exclusive gated community, but I think once they get settled they’ll notice their neighbors are the likes of 3DO and LaserActive. And that’s not a good neighborhood to be in at all. And let’s not even get into the pitiful, crippled Wii-remote rip-off. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

Anyway, remember when I said that PS3 is likely to be Sony’s N64? Yeah, pay up — you owe me twenty bucks. Not that we made a bet or anything, I just think I deserve some dough on general principle.

P.S., to everyone linking here as though I’ve somehow revealed god’s truth about Ouendan, remember that I was just commenting on rumors I’ve read online. The only new information I’ve provided here is that japanophile fanboys should be beaten with bamboo or rattan or other bludgeons of Asian origin.

ALSO: it appears something has happened to my wiki article database. Fortunately the articles are there — the site just doesn’t seem to know how to point to them. I’ll fix it all up post-E3.