Jane get me out of this crazy place



I’m in L.A. now. I hate it just as much as usual! Maybe more so because our site is currently down as a result of a major upgrade we applied last night. Reminds me of the heady days of aught-four, when we decided to relaunch the site the day before E3 and generated such a massive disaster of a rushed redesign that (1) we had to hold off until late June and (2) it was still horrible anyway. The new site is pretty much better in every way, which is good, but at the moment it completely doesn’t work. Which is bad. So… if we’re not up tomorrow, be sure to check back here for the latest updates on Square Enix and Nintendo’s conferences.

(oh geez)

12 thoughts on “Jane get me out of this crazy place

  1. Honestly, it’s mystifying. I’ve been saying all along, “SAM REMEMBER 2004!?” And Sam keeps saying “DON’T WORRY, DUDE, I REMEMBER AND IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN.” But whoops!Anyway, like five minutes after I posted this we got a call saying it should be up in an hour. Soooooo nevermind.

  2. Anyone who is not excited about the prospect of a localized Ouendan is lacking in a crucial internal component often referred to as “a soul.”


    (This is the stage where you cheer for the site redesign)

  4. They’re totally redoing Ouendan into something called Elite Task Force or something.

  5. Dang, the redesigned site looks really nice/is working just fine. Rad. Also, good luck dealing with the horrors of the show, Parish. Hope you don’t get too run down.

  6. I’m pumped about Ouendan, but honestly if they will localize that and not Mother 3, NOA has some serious anti Mother issues.
    As for the site redesign, I’m not a huge fan. then again, I don’t like “change”….

  7. Forgive me for nerding out, but was this site redesign supposed to, (a) make 1up more “Web 2.0”, or (2) make 1up faster to load? Cause in either case, forgetting to use CSS is a major thing to miss. And there’s *so* much blank space in the source. My god, think of the bandwidth!

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