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(1) In what could not possibly be a coincidence given the recent announcement of Cooking Mama, GSW has posted a brief but enticing Ore No Ryouri retrospective. Carless just keeps on cramping my style.

(2) For those who follow the thrilling explots of The 1UP Show I apologize again for my prominent involvement this week. A bunch of publishers weaseled out of exclusives so they were forced to turn to me in desperation to fill crucial pre-E3 air time with talk of Mother 3. Which, while cool, is probably not on most gamers’ minds these days. Still, I don’t think my interviews were a complete loss, provided they don’t cut out some of my utterly inappropriate remarks. The “buttstomp connoisseur” comment was mildly amusing in and of itself, but I will never, ever forget the looks of blank horror that resulted on Shane and Shoe‘s faces.

Also, I mentioned the Earthbound Arts Album in passing and probably came off a bit more sneeringly than I intended. It’s actually a remarkable little accomplishment and perfectly sums up why I both fear and respect the Starmen kids: in order to convince Nintendo to publish the Mother 1 + 2 collection for GBA, they compiled a massive hardbound book (printed on nice glossy paper) full of fan art, comics and even some CDs of tribute music, shipped them to several game magazines, and — I presume — hoped for the best. Of course, nothing came of it, but you have to admit the effort is… mind-boggling? Deranged? Amazing? Sociopathic? Your call.

Then again, certain of my coworkers have hundreds of days‘ time invested into their clocks in various MMORPG, so I guess obsession is pretty much all around us.

(3) Today is Cinco De Mayo, so please celebrate with me the only way I know how:

P.S. If you don’t normally partake of the 1UP Show, I can’t recommend this week’s episode enough. Skip ahead past my lame antics to the final 8 minutes or so, because that’s where Wil Wright himself starts talking candidly as he shows off a live demo of Spore. It’s probably the single most inspiring videogaming thing ever commited to film, and I am not even kidding.

21 thoughts on “Items of interest

  1. You do know that now that you’ve made a video commenting on Mother 3 that they will invariably link to you in their efforts to get it localized, right? They’ve got an entire forum sub-section of their site devoted to compiling any positive comments made about Mother/Earthbound in English.

    Kinda creepy.

  2. My wife and I aren’t celebrating Cinco de Mayo, bur rather Children’s Day! We put out our carp flags and bought little gifts for our niece and stuff. I have a feeling our neighbors are probably wondering if we like to go fishing or something!

  3. I hate chipotle. but maybe that’s because we have so much good mexican food down here in Texas. yeah, yeah we’re evil and we shoot our friends while hunting, but our food rocks.

  4. Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only Ore No Ryouri fan in this country. Along with Tobal 2, and every Beatmania Append Disc they ever made for PS1, ONR is one of the few PS1 imports I’ll throw in every now and again. I even bought a mini PS1 in Japan just so I could play em all without a Gameshark.

  5. Wow, for a minute I thought that burrito thing was labeled “Chipote”. As in Truman Capote. That would have been a weird way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

    Anyway, it’s a shame about that Earthbound collection. I never got to play Earthbound, and it sounds like I’ve been missing out.

  6. I’d feed you a line about how it was all coincidence and that I planned to cover Ore no Ryouri at some point anyway, but what actually ended up happening was more like:

    1) “Oh crap last day before deadline, what the hell am I going to write about this week? Guess it’s time to procrastinate for hours and then think up something at the last minute.”
    2) “Doo dee doo dee doo, this internet sure is something. Oh, check that out, says that Cooking Mama is coming to America.”
    3) “Wow all of a sudden this idea just came out of NOWHERE and now I know exactly what to write about!”

  7. What’s so great about May 5th, anyway? It’s the celebration of a single victory in a cuasi-war that was lost. I don’t understand why it’s so popular.

  8. Torgo: emphasis on “get drunk”.

    I take some good old fried chicken stake over chipotle anyday. But that’s because I’ve barely ever eaten the delicious deliciousness that is fried chicken stake.

  9. I mean, chicken fried stake. Jesus, it’s been so long since I’ve eaten it.

  10. But Chipotle is owned by McDonalds, and McDonalds was briefly affiliated with IGN! Are you working for the other side, Parish?!

  11. McDonald’s has divested itself of its holdings in Chipotle, actually, so now you can enjoy their honkiness with no guilt.
    And, uh, no Chipotle dates. You people keep getting weirder.

  12. Okay, okay. Qdoba is America’s Honkiest Burrito. Chipotle is pretty white but it still doesn’t offer pesto.

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